The Glaive[1] is a Yautja close-combat weapon. In essence, it is very similar to the more common Combistick, both being long, staff-like weapons that telescope closed when not in use. However, unlike the Combistick, the Glaive is exclusively used for hand-to-hand fighting and is never thrown.


Whereas the Yautja Combistick ends in razor-sharp, stabbing points, the Glaive is instead tipped with wide, flat blades that are used to scythe and cut through enemies. As a result, its use dictates a different, more elaborate set of moves to harness its true potential, with flowing, almost dance-like movements required to ensure the heavy, bladed tips slice through the air with constant momentum. The Glaive is a very powerful weapon, able to cut clean through a human torso in the hands of a skilled operator.[1]



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