The Ghost Engineer was the holographic "ghost" of an Engineer that died on board the Juggernaut.


The Ghost Engineer was seen when David and other members of the USCSS Prometheus crew when David began touching buttons on board the Juggernaut. The crew began hearing strange stomping sounds and saw the Ghost Engineer running through the corridor wearing their Chair Suits. The rest of the crew were frighted at the entities while David stood in the corridor and let one of the Engineer holograms pass right through him. The crew soon followed the Ghost Engineers who fell in front of a door where they found his body with his head decapitated. David managed to unlock the door where the crew found the Engineer's severed head.

David later discovered the Juggernaut and begins to press some of the buttons in the control room which caused more holograms of Engineers to project. David saw an Engineer play a flute-like instrument which caused more projects to be shown. After David held a project of the planet Earth in his hand, the projections were deactivated.


  • The name of "Ghost Engineer" was given in the end credits of Prometheus. However, the Ghost Engineers are just holograms, not ghosts.



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