"I'm told that Geryon was the son of Medusa. He had one body and three heads, which fits, since we have three ships docked to the core."
Clara Atkinson (from Prometheus: Fire and Stone)

The Geryon was an engine core spacecraft registered to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. As an engine core, it was used to move groups of smaller vessels through interstellar space. In 2217, the Geryon was used to transport the command ship, the Helios, the salvage ship, the Kadmos and the patrol ship the Perses to LV-223 in search of the missing USCSS Prometheus under the guise of a routine salvage mission. The Geryon was last known to be abandoned in orbit around the moon.


Engine Core Vehicle, Research and Recovery Vessel


Command Ship

Angela Foster

Status: Destroyed


Salvage Ship


Patrol Ship

Galgo Helder


In 2090, Weyland-Yutani sent a probe to collect and transmit environmental information about LV-223, one of three moons of the gas giant Calpamos planetoid located in the Zeta² Reticuli system. Ultimately the probe was destroyed and quit relaying information. In 2217, the Geryon set out on a 2 year journey toward that barren moon to retrieve a long lost unspecified research vessel on the same moon. By January, 2219, the Geryon was orbiting that moon. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, Captain Angela Foster had her own agenda — to find the USCSS Prometheus and finish what Sir Peter Weyland and the rest of his crew started 125 years earlier.


Behind the scenes

800px-Heracles Geryon Louvre F55

Hercules fighting Geryon.

The Geryon was named after the son of Medusa. Geryon had three bodies and three heads, much like how the ship carried three smaller vessels.



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