"Be Bold. Learn. Adapt. Live."
―Company slogan

Gemini Exoplanet Solutions was a research and development company specializing in mineral extraction. It operated a laboratory on Sevastopol Station, from which it ran Project KG-348.

Gemini's operations on Sevastopol were largely shut down when Seegson pulled funding for the project in 2136.[1]


Be bold, learn, adapt, live. Life is change, we grow by adapting and evolving to meet each new challenge. At Gemini Exoplanet Solutions we take mother nature's blueprint as our starting point by breaking new ground, and by finding new applications for existing technologies. Fuel resources become building materials. Weapon developments advance agricultural growth. Space exploration is applied to surgical procedures.

Look around. you never know what might be useful.

History on Sevastopol

Gemini Exoplanet Solutions had a research laboratory on Sevastopol Station, funded by station owners Seegson; the lab was located in the Lorenz SysTech Spire. From this facility Gemini operated Project KG-348, studying the gas giant KG-348 around which Sevastopol was in orbit. It was where the minerals and gases extracted from the planet were analyzed, and where rare and valuable Helium-3 was processed. However, as a result of financial difficulties at Seegson, the company pulled its funding for Gemini's work on Sevastopol on February 17, 2136.[1]

Role in Xenomorph incident on Sevastopol

While the lab was largely shut down following the funding cut, a skeleton crew remained. These staff were later tasked by Seegson executive Ransome with secretly analyzing Xenomorph samples he had collected following the birth of a Chestburster in the San Cristobal Medical Facility.[2]

Gemini's Project KG-348 lab was later used by Amanda Ripley and Marshal Waits in a desperate attempt to destroy the Drone stalking Sevastopol. As the project lab could be jettisoned entirely, Ripley acted as bait to lure the creature inside so that it could be disposed of.


  • A docking bay similar to that used by the ambulance shuttles in San Cristobal can be found across from the reception area of the Gemini labs on Sevastopol. Although one of the docked shuttles can be entered (provided the player has a plasma torch), it cannot be interacted with.
  • Seegson appeared to have good ties with Gemini Exoplanet Solutions as on Sevastopol their manifesto was sponsored by the Seegson investment board.




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