The Geholgod is a scientific venture existing in the shadows of conglomerates consisting of scientists who are dedicated the the belief that research in the name of pure science is a worthwhile pursuit.

Dr. Lucien Keitel, a founding member of the Geholgod Institute, was able to gain access to some of Weyland-Yutani's highly classified files, and brought them to the Institute.



The Tirgu-Mires Project

When the Geholgod came into possession of Tirgu-Mires, a planet with a rich, vital environment in which alien creatures thrive, but has also never been exposed to humans, the scientific venture sent Doctors Nix and Pho to study and evaluate a secluded hive of Linguaphoeda Acheronsis.

  • Dr. Natasha Pho - Morphologist
  • Dr. Kira Nix - Animal Language Specialist

The Mandala Directive

The Mandala Directive was spearheaded by Dr. Lucien Keitel, whose objective was to follow a star map back to the newly discovered derelict ship's previous port of departure.


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