Gaylord Williams,[1] more commonly known as "Nebraska", was a former member of the United States Army Rangers and later member of the Loonies.

Nebraska was on the bus and helped Quinn McKenna fight the Predators to save Quinn's son, Rory McKenna. At the hotel, when Quinn asks him how he ended up with the loonies, he replies that he shot a guy, and later shot himself in the head and walked to the hospital with a bullet in his skull. He was killed when he was on top of the Predator's shield encased ship and sacrificed himself to bring down the shields by jumping in one of the engines.

He was the final member of The Loonies to die.




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  2. Nebraska's actor's (Trevante Rhodes) height is 5ft 10½ (179 cm), so that is also how tall Nebraska would have been.
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