Garnett was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps and part of Rhino 2-3. He was involved in a search and rescue mission sent to LV-426 aboard the USS Sephora in 2179 to investigate the disappearance of the USS Sulaco and its crew 17 weeks earlier.

Garnett was captured by the Xenomorphs and taken to the Hive aboard the USS Sulaco, where he was impregnated by with a Chestburster.

On the Sephora

Garnett was stationed on the USS Sephora in October 2179, which was sent to investigate the rediscovered USS Sulaco above LV-426. He was also acquainted with Private Christopher Winter.

Investigation of the Sulaco

Garnett boarded the Sulaco with the rest of Rhino 2-3. After boarding, the team discovered too late that a Xenomorph infestation had broken out aboard the station. Nonetheless, the team continued their investigation of the station in hopes to locate any survivors.

Capture and death

Eventually Rhino 2-3 was overwhelmed and butchered by the creatures despite their firepower, with Garnett himself being attacked and dragged away by the creatures. He was taken to the Hive within the depths of the station, where he was cocooned and impregnated with a Chestburster, dying when the infant creature hatched out of his chest.


Later on, whilst investigating the Hive, Winter discovered Garnett's corpse cocooned to one of the walls. Winter immediately recognized him and briefly lamented upon his death.


  • The name "Garnett" is likely a reference to a character in Gearbox Software's previous series of video games, Brothers in Arms. In addition, Pvt. O'Neal says to Keyes "If I die here I swear to God I will fucking kill you!" a line that Brothers in Arms' Private Allen delivers in the first installment of the series, when Garnett reloads his bazooka.
  • Garnett's corpse is used as a model for generic cocooned Marines.


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