Galgo Helder was the Chief Security Officer of the Geryon sent on a 'salvage mission' on the moon LV-223. After he and fellow crewmembers Higgins and Piper abandon the rest of the crew of the Geryon, Galgo encounters a Predator whom he dubbed Ahab that forced him to work with him in hunting down a lone Engineer.


On the day of their arrival, Galgo is being the center of attention in the briefing room by telling the rest of the crew an embarrassing story of Piper until Captain Angela Foster announces three hours until touchdown.

Higgins alongside the crew land on the moon and begin exploring the terrain and are met with a lush jungle, bristling with strange alien life. They later come across a field of deceased mauled creatures and a lake of black goo. Galgo suggests that considering how deadly the former looked, the killers must have been a severe threat.

The prime discovery made by the crew however was the Onager, an old vessel from the colony Hadley's Hope located on the neighboring moon LV-426 — containing a horde of hostile Xenomorphs which they unwittingly unleash. The Xenos kill and wound multiple crewmembers, but Galgo and others manage to escape as Galgo provides covering fire.

As they fled across a series of connected natural arches over a lake, Steinberg and three others fell in, where they were attacked by "Sharks". Galgo, Higgins and Piper shot at the creatures, managing to save Steinberg.

They eventually retreat into the Helios and captain Angela reveals her true intentions in travelling to LV-223 - to find the truth behind the Engineers. Galgo and Higgins in particular were outraged by this.


Galgo finding the Engineer rifle.

The team mount a rescue mission for Francis Lane and his construct assistant Elden, whom had split up from the group. They encounter the crashed alien ship. Whilst exploring the interior of the ship, Galgo finds and keeps a large Engineer rifle-like firearm.

The Helios is later attacked by Xenomorphs and Angela makes a change of plan to return to the vessel and fight the creatures. Coincidentally, Francis encounters the group and he admits to injecting Elden with the black goo. Higgins and Piper seize Francis and Angela has him placed under arrest.

During their walk back to the ship, Galgo is suddenly attacked by a monkey-like creature, a species that the crew had previously encountered. The creature clawed Galgo's face, scarring him.

The crew is met with a Helios completely surrounded by Xenomorphs. Angela suggests that Galgo, Piper and Higgins return to the Perses to use the ship to drive off the aliens using it's weaponry, whilst putting Francis in lockdown.


Galgo's close encounter with the Engineer.

On his way to the Perses, Galgo separates from Piper, Higgins and Francis and suddenly comes into a close-encounter with an Engineer. The Engineer is stacking a large number of dead Xenomorphs onto a pile. Galgo manages to hide from it and escape unnoticed.

Whilst waiting for Galgo's backup, Angela and others witness an unhinged Elden approach the surrounded Helios and the Xenomorphs allow him to open the hatch to the ship. As the Xenomorphs flood into the ship, Angela contacts Galgo, asking him what he's doing. Galgo initially doesn't answer but Higgins convinces him to. Galgo tells her that he, Piper and Higgins took a vote to abandon the rest of the crew and take off from the moon, leaving the devastated captain with a "good luck down there. And goodbye".

Whats left of the crew of the Helios manage to escape on ATVs and they regroup with Angela's crew on the juggernaut. Angela contacts crewmember Treynor back on the Kadmos in the Geryon for evac, but Galgo, Piper and Higgins board the ship and murder him, knowing that if Angela and the rest survived, the three would obviously be "court-martialed".

Abandoning the Geryon[]

A few days later, Higgins, Galgo and Piper are seen in the Perses boarded onto the Geryon. Galgo suggests that they keep "heading this direction for the next two years, climb into our cryotubes and try to sleep off this entire nightmare". Galgo sends Piper and Higgins to cryostasis before checking up on the "dead man", Francis.

Suddenly, Elden boards the Geryon with a horde of Xenomorphs, demanding that Galgo give him Francis. A hunting party of Predators also board the ship. Galgo manages to escape from the chaos and abandon the Geryon on the Perses.

The stowaway[]

A day later, Galgo wakes up Piper and Higgins and explains to them why he had to depart from the Geryon. Additionally, a stowaway is aboard the ship which the three have to hunt down. Piper splits up on the group and Galgo and Higgins both recall events involving tracking a prisoner on the planet Fiorina "Fury" 161 before Piper is suddenly killed by the stowaway.

After Galgo and Higgins noticed their teammate had been slain, they planned a trap for Ahab, but Galgo had his own agenda, Galgo led Higgins to the airlock where they last detected Ahab's position, and as soon as he entered the airlock, Galgo locked him in with Ahab. Galgo then opened the airlock, apparently blowing them both into space, but Ahab actually was still aboard the Perses after the airlock was re-sealed.


Galgo meets Ahab.

Shortly after the airlock re-sealed, Ahab revealed himself to Galgo by leaping from the rafters. The two quickly began fighting, but Ahab shot him with a Netgun, trapping Galgo.

As Galgo prepared for the worst, Ahab suddenly extended his Wrist-Blades and slashed the net, freeing Galgo. Ahab grabbed Galgo's engineer rifle and pushed him away, activate his wrist gauntlet, projecting a hologram of an Engineer.

Galgo manages to strike a deal with Ahab, suggesting that if he takes Ahab to LV-223 to hunt the Engineer, the Predator will let Galgo go. Ahab swiftly forces him in the pilot seat of the Perses, with Galgo saying "All right. LV-223 coming right up".

Arrival at LV-223 and encounter with Angela[]


Ahab drags Galgo into the jungle.

The two arrived at LV-223 on January 30 at 11:16 AM Earth Central Time. Galgo, assuming that he held his end of the bargain, bid Ahab farewell and a "happy hunting". Ahab however, had other ideas and demanded that Galgo follows. An argument ensues between the two. As Ahab did not wait to listen, he grabbed Galgo's right arm and placed a gauntlet on it, linking him to Ahab's gauntlet via a short range laser type device.

Once returning to the moon, the two venture into the jungle and come across the same pile of dead Xenomorphs Galgo had previously encountered, although the pile this time was immensely larger than before. Galgo and Ahab eventually find Angela and fellow crewmembers Chris and Jill Hanlock, still on the moon. Foster explains to Galgo that the Engineers having been purging the moon of all wildlife, "clearing up" anything living they come across.

Upon seeing Angela and the other survivors Ahab sprinted towards them ready for battle, but Galgo yelled at Angela to run away as he yanked hard on the laser chain device restraining Ahab, Angela told Chris and Jill to head back to camp and that she'd catch up later since she vowed that no one else would die.

Angela asked Galgo what mess had he drag to her life now, Galgo began trying to sweet talk her but received a punch in the face for abandoning her and her crew. Ahab is standing in the background observing both of them argue.

Galgo then told Angela that they could all be friends and that he did what had to be done when he abandoned her and the other survivors on LV-223, and that she would have done the same, she asked if this was his idea of a rescue, bringing reinforcements, referring to Ahab, Galgo replied "not quite", and she asked him then what was it, he said it was a long story, and she replied that was good since it was a long walk back to camp.

Night at the camp[]


Ahab and Galgo at the camp.

Galgo asked if the Aliens came up to the cave, and she said that they didn't, that they seemed to leave the caves of the mountain alone, she didn't know why but she didn't care, her only goal was getting off LV-223. Galgo then was about to ask what had she discovered about the fate of Peter Weyland since that's what she was after, but she interrupted him and told him he could spend the night with them at the cave, but come morning he was gone. Galgo suggested that "it's going to be a cold night in space" and then asked her if they had any heaters or anything to keep warm, she sarcastically replied that he'd be fine since he's a survivor. Ahab immediately shot the ground with his Plasmacaster creating a small fire.

Ahab and Galgo decide to exchange stories on how they obtained their scars. Galgo pulls down his neck bandanna, revealing an old scar and recalls how he saved two families from a group of pirates on a cruise ship.

Then he told Ahab he had shared a story and that it was his turn, "don't be shy" he said, then pointed to a large scar on Ahab's left thigh, and asked how he acquired that "beauty", Ahab showed a hologram depicting a large bipedal beast, Galgo replied "Ha, good story".

Fight with the Engineer[]

Whilst further exploring the jungle, Galgo and Ahab eventually, rather accidentally, meet the Engineer face to face. Galgo suddenly flees the scene, much to Ahab's surprise and after a brief battle, the Engineer quickly overpowers him, breaking an arm and a leg. Ahab retreats back into the Perses, the Engineer in hot pursuit. Ahab in a last ditch effort, manages to impale a harpoon into the Engineer's chest. The Engineer, however, is able to tear it out and prepares to finish Ahab off. Just before the Engineer kills the weakened Predator, Galgo returns and shoots him in his chest wound with the Engineer rifle that Galgo had previously found. Ahab finishes the job by setting a Self-Destruct Device, escaping the Perses and blowing up the ship.

After the two witnessed the the Perses explode, Ahab returned to the wreckage and began searching through it as Galgo, confused, tried to tell him that the Engineer was dead. The Yautja then grabbed the Engineer's skull and spinal column, holding it up in victory as he roared. Galgo, now alongside Foster, Chris and Jill, who came to investigate the explosion, said that he was beginning to like Ahab. Foster replied "Yeah, until he kills us next.", but Galgo told her they were too "minor league" for him. As the Yautja walked away, Galgo commented that Ahab "finally got his whale".


"I won't make apologies for Galgo. His line on pragmatism borders on sociopathic."
Foster to Freebody, after Galgo suggests abandoning Jhalil

Galgo is initially shown to be a boastful, egotistic and over-confident individual as he claims to be a brave person, much like William Hudson. Instead, he is in reality, a coward who prefers to run from trouble rather than fight it head on, unlike his more braver friend Piper. More so, he seems to possess a rather psychopathic side to him, as not only did he abandon the Geryon crew on LV-223, and kill Treynor, resulting in the deaths of all but Angela, Chris and Jill, but he also uses his longtime associate Higgins as bait in an attempt to kill Ahab, flushing him out into space with little to no remorse.