Gabriel Guzman is an Argentinian comic book artist who worked on the comic Predators: A Predatory Life for Dark Horse Comics.


After working for a number of years in Argentina, Guzman managed to break into the American comics field with his first work on Comic Conspiracy with writer Doug Myers. He then worked on the title Alius Rex and doing character designs for Darkstorm Studio.

This lead Guzman to the work he is perhaps best known for, his time with writer Brian Pulido's Avatar Press on its headlining Lady Death series. He then worked for Image Comics on the title Armory Wars by the indie music group Coheed & Cambria.

Finally, and most recently before his shift to Dark Horse, Guzman was able to start doing work for industry giant Marvel Comics on titles such as X-Men, Cable and She-Hulk.

Up next for the artist are two new fantasy projects for Dark Horse in 2011.

The first is prequel project with currently popular comedic actor Danny McBride for his upcoming film Your Highness. McBride is co-writing the series with Jeff Fradley; the second unit director from McBride’s film The Foot Fist Way. Guzman will illustrate the book joined by Predators cover artist Sean Phillips. The film will also star James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel.

The second is the upcoming continuation of the Kull franchise originated by Conan the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard with the series Kull: The Hate Witch.

Guzman also works with international comics artist representation and talent management company Space Goat Productions--founded by comics writer Shon C. Bury--to help foster his artistic career. The company represents artists from Argentina, Mexico, Spain, the Philippines, and North America, providing its clients with pencilers, inkers, colorists, letterers, graphic designers, illustrators, cover and interior art, logo and character design and art commissions. Like a number of other firms now working in the field, It works with new talent, establishing them with projects at bigger publishers, working with them to set their career goals and helping them to land lucrative comics contracts. It was they who helped usher him through his work with Avatar into his Marvel projects and beyond.

Guzman is actually the latest of a number of Argentinian comics artists who have worked on Aliens, Predator and AVP comics projects over the years. He joins the ranks of earlier fan-favorite contributing artists Enrique Alcatena (Predator: The Pride at Nghasa), Leo Duranona (Predator: Blood Feud), Eduardo Risso (Alien Resurrection and Aliens: Wraith) and Ariel Olivetti (Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone).

Guzman lives and works in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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