"Propels to a height of 1m before unleashing a 1.2 gigavolt charge; informally known as a 'Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker' due to detonation height and effect."
Armat G2 Electroshock Grenade description (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

The Armat Battlefield Systems G2 Electroshock Grenade (also known as the Sonic Electronic Bouncing Betty[1][2] or informally known as the Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker) is a type of timed detonation bouncing mine grenade used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps.


Primarilly used by the U1 Grenade Launcher,[3] although it can also double as a hand grenade. Once fired/tossed to the ground the G2 propels to a height of one meter and delivers an electric payload of over 1,200,000,000 volts. The shock is instantaneous and although rarely fatal it delivers enough current to halt the central nervous system. In combat the G2 is best used to stun groups of advancing enemies.[4]

The nickname "Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker" comes from the detonation height and effect.


  • The "Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker" is based on boasts made by Hudson in the extended Special Edition of Aliens.
  • The G2 has "SEBB" written on the side of it, which Randy Pitchford has stated stands for "Sonic Electronic Bouncing Betty".[1][2] The nickname "Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker" reflects the sometimes humorous variations troops give official military acronyms; for example, United States Army MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) are often nicknamed "Meals Rejected by Ethiopians" (in reference to the 1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia) due to the fact they are considered unpalatable.[5] The very concept of "Ball Breakers" actually being a play on the initials for "Bouncing Betty" is how the game's developers came up with the "real" weapon from Hudson's jokes.[1]
  • "M77" can also be seen written at the top of the weapon, apparently contradicting the G2 designation otherwise given for the grenade. It is possible though that G2 is the manufacturer's designation for it while M77 is its USMC designation.
  • The G2 was initially available to those who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition, but was later released as DLC for everyone.
  • The promotional photo for the G2 (seen above) differs slightly from its appearance in-game where the button on top of the G2 is blue.
  • A G2 Electroshock Grenade is worth $400 in 2183.[6]