G. Spedding[1] was a Seegson employee working as Android Liaison Executive aboard Sevastopol Station. He was in a relationship with his receptionist Suzanne Archer.


Spedding and Smythe were in charge of trying to convince VIPs and clients into buying the Working Joe android model instead of the Weyland-Yutani variant and that if "they go with Weyland-Yutani cast-offs instead, the jobs Seegson have allocated us back on Earth are on the line." Smythe had supposedly messed up the android presentation during the tour with the final bidders, failing to receive any buyers. Spedding angrily fired Smythe, calling him a "jackass" in one of his audio logs.

Spedding later recorded an audio log where he describes a Working Joe report to the APTC with it covered in human blood. Spedding said he would go speak to APOLLO for an explanation. He was unsuccessful in obtaining answers with APOLLO as he described the systems suddenly being "obsessed with hazard containment." 

He also sent a message to Suzanne telling her to lock herself in the Synthetic Showroom due to the amount of suspicious Working Joe activity going on around Seegson Synthetics and reassured her that the Joes in the room were for display purposes only.

His final audio log has him describe in distress that Working Joes were outside APOLLO's door and that they were getting in. Spedding ends the log with "Tell Suzanne I love her."


  • A photo of Spedding can be found on the wanted list in the Colonial Marshal bureau.
  • In the novelization of Alien: Isolation, Spedding's first name is given as Xavier. However, his ID card in the game gives his first initial as "G".




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