The Fugitive Predator, also known as the Rogue Predator, was a Yautja/human hybrid and rival of the Upgrade Predator. Despite killing humans, the Fugitive's aim was to deliver a weapon known as the "Predator Killer" to humanity so that they could fend off an invasion of some kind.

He was captured by Project Stargazer for studying after landing on Earth in 2018, while several pieces of his equipment were stolen by Quinn McKenna. The Fugitive later escaped from captivity and went in search of his missing technology, although he was killed by the Upgrade Predator in combat.


The Fugitive Predator first appears in his spaceship trying to escape from another Predator ship that is attacking it. The enemy spaceship does some significant damage to it just before the Fugitive Predator opens a wormhole and flies through it. The wormhole opens in Earth’s orbit and the Fugitive Predator’s ship is tumbling towards Earth. The ship crash lands in a forest but moments before, a pod was ejected from the ship.

A soldier called Quinn McKenna is on a mission to rescue hostages in Mexico when the pod crashes near him. He goes to investigate, finds the pod open, and recovers the Fugitive Predator’s helmet and wrist gauntlet. Fugitive appears cloaked in the trees and kills one of McKenna’s team. Fugitive fires a plasma shot that kills another member of his team and throws McKenna to the ground. As Fugitive approaches him, McKenna accidentally activates the wrist gauntlet which fires a projectile injuring Fugitive and knocks him to the ground. McKenna walks off and the wrist gauntlet ejects a spherical device which is later revealed to be a cloaking device.

McKenna mails the helmet and wrist gauntlet to a home address in America and later his son Rory inadvertently finds it. The government sect behind Project Stargazer recovers the pod as well as the Fugitive Predator for study. The scientists conclude that the Predator has human DNA inside of it. The enemy spaceship that was attacking the Fugitive Predator soon arrives on Earth and is carrying a much more advanced version of the Predator: the Upgrade Predator.

Back in the laboratory, the Fugitive Predator regains consciousness and breaks free from the restraints. He kills many scientists and military personnel before finding his weaponry and equipment. The Predator realizes that the helmet and gauntlet that McKenna took aren’t here and gets angry. He goes to the decontamination area, finding a naked Casey Brackett sitting down, but the Predator mysteriously spares her rather than killing her. He leaves the area before killing another guard and takes his gun. The Predator fires his assault rifle at the other guards before stealing the helmet and shoulder cannon from behind a display cabinet.

The Fugitive Predator accesses his helmet remotely and realizes it’s in Rory’s basement. The Predator sees a note through the helmet which tells him the name of Rory’s school and heads there. The Predator escapes the Stargazer base and sees the Upgraded Predator’s spaceship being pursued by F-22s. The Fugitive starts running with Casey and the Loonies in pursuit. McKenna fires a shotgun at Fugitive and he turns around then fires a projectile at his bus which punctures the tire. Fugitive boards a military truck, killing all the soldiers in the back and deceives the driver into thinking everything is okay with thumbs-up from a severed hand.

The Fugitive Predator catches up with Loonies at the school. He jumps on the roof of the RV, pulls Nettles out of the driver’s seat, and fires a warning shot with his shoulder cannon. He targets Rory with his laser before telling the group to lower their weapons. McKenna shoots Fugitive and he, Rory, and Casey head into the school. The Loonies stay outside and almost get hit from a plasma shot.

Fugitive catches up with them and grabs McKenna up by the window. McKenna shows the Predator the device from the wrist gauntlet and gives it to him. Just then, the Upgraded Predator appears from behind the window and pulls Fugitive through it. Fugitive managed to fire a shot from his shoulder cannon but misses. He then attempts to use his wristblades against Upgrade but they snap on contact with Upgrade’s tough skin. The Upgraded Predator throws him onto a parked car, removes his helmet and smashes his face with a punch. He then tears Fugitive’s skull and spine out and tosses it aside. The Upgraded Predator later destroys Fugitive’s ship to prevent the humans from taking it.

It is revealed that the Fugitive Predator wasn’t on Earth to kill mankind but instead to save them. The Fugitive Predator had also stolen a special Predator weapon called the Predator Killer as he wanted to give it to the people on Earth to help them defend against an incoming invasion from a different faction of Predators. The scientists had recovered the pod the Fugitive arrived in and as they were studying it, the pod opened and revealed the Predator Killer. It latches onto a nearby worker and encases him in full Predator armor and weaponry before deactivating.

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Fugitive was a capable Yautja, easily killing dozens of Project Stargazer's onsite security personnel both with and without his equipment. He was not above utilizing his species' natural weapons in a confrontation - when unarmed, he was observed using his mandibles to bite into the arm of a scientist attempting to restrain him; shortly after, he attacked a guard via sharp bone spurs which appeared to emerge from the tops of his forearms, before dealing a killing blow with a swipe of his claws. Fugitive was also capable of hearing one agent of Stargazer speak a password whilst in the middle of gunfire during his escape, he later mimics the words while using the severed hand of the agent to open the door. Fugitive was somehow also able to mimic English without his helmet. While Predators have been known to speak some English, it is usually either barely understandable or broken and only their bio-helmet can allow them to record and playback perfect human language. It is unknown how this was achieved but it may be due to other alterations to allow this. Upgrade was also shown at one point to mimic English perfectly as well as having a HUD without a helmet, possibly suggesting that there may be some form of cybernetic enhancements in both Predators.

Fugitive also seemed to possess a sense of humor, or at the very least a basic understanding of human culture; he uses a dead man's severed arm to create a thumb's up gesture to deceive the driver of the truck he was stowing away on. Despite his slaughter of numerous humans, his mission was apparently to deliver a weapon to humans so that they could fend off a presumed Yautja invasion shortly. Even though he was a renegade, the Fugitive still held some adherence to the Honor Code. This is shown when he found Casey hiding in the Decontamination Room on all fours naked and then spared her as she was both unarmed and defenseless.

It is likely, however, that Fugitive's actions were due to both self-preservation instinct and the desperate need to relocate his ship to protect the cargo. Whilst he was caught before achieving his goals, Fugitive fearlessly engaged the much larger and stronger Upgrade Predator in combat. However, he was vastly outmatched and was killed relatively quickly.


The Fugitive Predator carried all of the standard Predator weapons and equipment. He appears to use voice mimicry in the laboratory even though he didn’t have his bio-helmet. The stolen wrist gauntlet that McKenna takes seems to possess lots of new functions. A new version of the Smart Disc can be seen when McKenna accidentally uses it against Fugitive in the forest. He also takes a spherical device that can be used as a cloak.

Later, Rory removes a device from it that features holograms and it appears it can control the Upgraded Predator’s ship remotely. The stolen helmet has a few features too. Rory can see visual recordings of Predator experiments through it and later a miniature plasma cannon can be activated from the helmet. It appears to be just as powerful as a shoulder-mounted shoulder cannon.

During his escape from the Project Stargazer facility, the Fugitive also took a SIG SG 552 assault rifle from a slain guard and used it to kill several other personnel at the base.


  • The motivation behind Fugitive Predator's mission to deliver the Predator Killer to humans is questionable when taking into account established canon; the Yautja race strictly forbid their members to allow any piece of their technology to fall into the hands of intelligent species. This warrior's namesake status, however, may give some explanation as to why he is willing to break such a sacrosanct rule.
    • Like his rival Upgrade Predator, Fugitive Predator appeared to have undergone hybridization (due to the presence of human DNA in his genetics according to Stargazers), though it was nowhere as extensive as the former's.
  • Reshooting and rewriting of The Predator's third act may explain Fugitive's erratic behavior in the final cut of the film; it can be assumed that the original motivation for Fugitive's actions was removed due to omission of several plot elements and characters present in the original cut.
  • In the film, Fugitive is shown with Wristblades only on his right arm like most-if-not-all Predators, but many figures show him possessing Wristblades on both forearm gauntlets. It is unknown if this is true however, considering he was shown wearing the right gauntlet throughout most of the film.