Frost's Flamethrower was Private Ricco Frost's M240 Incinerator Unit that he used on the mission to LV-426. It appeared as a Legendary Weapon in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.



In Aliens Frost carries a standard M240 Incinerator Unit that does not actually have any features to distinguish it from the M240 used by the other Marines in the film.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

In Aliens: Colonial Marines Frost's Flamethrower is distinguishable from the normal M240 Incinerator Unit due to the FROST name tag and the drawn on "BITE" next to it, (spelling "FROSTBITE") visible on the left side of the weapon. Frost's Flamethrower is otherwise identical to the standard M240. Frost's Flamethrower is located in Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed and is therefore the last Legendary Weapon that can be obtained (not counting Ripley's Pulse Rifle). Like Vasquez's Smartgun, Frost's Flamethrower cannot be unlocked for permanent use in the campaign or multiplayer, and is discarded by Corporal Winter once all the fuel has been expended (although it reappears in the same location it was first found when replaying Mission 10).


Inside the Hive within the Hadley's Hope Atmosphere Processing Plant, Frost's Flamethrower was requisitioned by Sergeant Apone who used it to assist Corporal Dietrich in torching the Chestburster that hatched from Mary, the last surviving colonist to be captured by the Xenomorphs. The dying Chestburster's screeches woke the Hive who surrounded the Marines. In the ensuing chaos many of the Marines were killed, including the weapons owner, Frost. The weapon was left in the Atmosphere Processor when the Marines that survived the encounter retreated back to Hadley's Hope in their APC.


  • Frost's Flamethrower should have been destroyed when the Atmosphere Processing Plant exploded at the end of Aliens, yet it returns in Aliens: Colonial Marines. What's more, the weapon somehow found its way out of the Atmosphere Processor and over to the Origin Facility by the derelict ship, which is nowhere near Hadley's Hope; not only did the Colonial Marines in Aliens never go to the derelict, the Origin Facility did not even exist at the time of the film.
  • The "FROSTBITE" tag is clearly not on the weapon in Aliens.
  • Frost's Flamethrower is notable in that it is named after a character who does not survive past the initial ambush in the Hive; all the other Legendary Weapons in the game are named after characters who survive for the majority of the movie, if not all of it. Furthermore, Frost is the only one of these characters who never actually fires their Legendary Weapon in the film; the only time his flamethrower is used, it is actually Sergeant Apone behind the trigger.
  • When viewing the weapon in the game's Service Record Special Projects menu, it displays Frost's famous "What do you expect us to use man, harsh language?" quote. The first part of the line is actually incorrect, as in the film it appeared as "What the hell are we supposed to use, man..."




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