Chief Warrant Officer Friedric "Rook" Marcus was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of the team dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco in the video game Aliens: Infestation.


Marcus's location

the location of where Marcus is in the game

Marcus is found late in the game aboard the USS Sulaco near the level 5 clearance card and cooling regulators, he next to a level 5 elevator as with the rest of the Marines in the game he has ammo and medkits nearby him and just like the other marines allows the player to use them for themselves if they need it. When the Player is a Marine short he can be recruited to fill the space and be a new life if another Marine perishes

Personality & Traits[]

Dialogue and story progression scenes show Marcus as a rather calm and collected individual and he thinks with a logical sense, trying various methods and choosing the best solution for the situation. He shows this in the cut scene when the player tries to alter the course and Davis interrupts his mission and Marcus tells him to escape the ship and when the company man tells Marcus he's used the override procedure to keep the Sulaco on course. Marcus then tells him to Surrender and again Davis shoots down the offer. Marcus then goes to the cargo hold and asks Davis again to surrender before he is killed by the Queen Mother. From his Mugshot, it's presumed he shows little facial emotions though by his dialogue he shows concern to other marines and always asks if someone needs help. According to his in-game bio, he is an expert in most if not all weaponry and a pro marksman with each of them and he has some oddness and inhumanity to him, hinting that he's a synthetic.

In-Game Bio[]

Little is known about Marine Gunner Marcus' past. He just kinda seemed to appear out of nowhere... He is a certified expert with every weapon in the USCM Arsenal as well as most enemy weaponry. He can shoot the buttons off your blouse at 1000 meters with a weapon he built in the dark out of a box of miscellaneous parts, all reciting the 13 General Orders. His Teammates respect his abilities but if you ask them off the record, they will all say the same thing: Sure he's a nice enough guy, but he's a little off somehow... A little... Creepy. But maybe that's because that everything he does, from the way that he walks to the way that he talks to even the way he breathes, seems somehow... Inhuman.


Marcus is seen using standard Marine armor with a taupe color. He, like the other Marines, can be issued with all other usable weapons and explosives in the game.


  • Rook was rumored to be the name of the synthetic aboard the Aliens: Colonial Marines version of the USS Sephora.
  • Marcus' nickname relating to the chess piece rook may be a nod towards the synthetic Bishop who's name was also derived from a chess piece.
  • Rook's idle animation has him break the fourth wall and motionlessly stare at the screen.