"Welcome to Freya's Prospect, Weyland-Yutani's garden amongst the stars"
Karl Bishop Weyland (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Freya's Prospect was a human mining colony founded by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation on BG-386. It fell victim to a large Xenomorph outbreak originating in the nearby Weyland-Yutani research labs, and was later destroyed by a Yautja named Dark.[1] Freya's Prospect is featured in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.


Freya's Prospect was predominantly a mining colony, providing a home for the men and women who worked in the nearby ore mines and the associated refinery. The complex was overseen and administered by Katya, a Weyland-Yutani android. The colony itself was quite large, judging by its fairly extensive recreational facilities, which included a small strip club (no doubt tailored towards the predominantly male miners) called Club Eden. There were also administrative facilities and a sizeable garage. Some areas of the colony seems to be linked by a monorail system.

While the surrounding area was arid and prone to frequent seismic activity, it was otherwise fairly hospitable with warm average temperatures, as evidenced from the nearby lush jungles. Most of the inhabitants were miners, menial laborers or technicians with low salaries. The mines consisted of a warren of large tunnels bored into the exposed rock faces nearby, and were a source of valuable precious and basic metal ores. Once excavated, the ores were transported to the adjacent refinery, which towered over the colony, where they would be smelted to create construction and starship materials.

The Freya's Prospect colony was also located near extensive and magnificent Predator ruins, although owing to ongoing Weyland-Yutani research these areas were off-limits to the colonists.[1] Similarly, the colonists were kept in the dark regarding the large Weyland-Yutani research facility located within the ruins that was conducting dangerous Xenomorph research, although it seemed several colonists at least suspected the laboratory was there. It seems that the research facility was even involved in abducting colonists for their research, although such events were covered up with talk of "promotions".[1]


In the four months leading up to the devastating Xenomorph outbreak on BG-386, Karl Bishop Weyland closed Freya's Prospect to pan-corporate enterprise, thereby reneging on several co-development agreements;[2] it can be surmised that this event coincides with the point at which Yautja ruins were discovered on the planet. This period was also marked by greatly increased Weyland-Yutani traffic to and from the colony, although detailed flight plans and manifests were withheld from USCM traffic control.[2]


"There's all kinds of shit hitting the fan on this drop, so keep it by the book"
―Unidentified Marine (from Aliens vs. Predator)

When the Matriarch escaped her confinement at the Weyland-Yutani research complex, she moved to the refinery at Freya's Prospect and set up her Hive there, no doubt in part because of its warm, dry atmosphere. Her Drones subsequently moved through the colony's buildings and facilities, capturing colonists to be hosts for more Aliens. Before long, the hopelessly ill-equipped colony was wiped out.

The responding Colonial Marines, stationed aboard the USS Marlow, were heavily mauled in their initial engagements with the Xenomorphs, and the few survivors were forced to regroup within Freya's Prospect. Their commanding officer, Major Van Zandt, led an assault on the Matriarch in the refinery but his squad was decimated, and shortly afterwards the colony was overrun once more, leaving only a handful of survivors (including Rookie) to escape. They moved into the surrounding jungles where Xenomorph presence was lighter, leaving the colony itself abandoned. It was later apparently destroyed entirely by a Predator Self-Destruct Device triggered by Dark.

Known Inhabitants

  • Katya — Administrator
  • J. Ames
  • N.B. Brewer
  • M.Z. Haggis
  • J.M. Hoole
  • C. Hope
  • D. Simons
  • L. Tyrell




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