"What model synthetic are you?"
Amanda Ripley to a Franklin synthetic

Franklin[1] was an experimental Combat android model employed as a Corporate security drone by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in the early 22nd century. They were a more advanced successor of the Davis model security drones, with a particular security drone Davis One noting that they did not use a "nearfield" are were "nothing like" his model.

The Franklin model possessed a metal exterior and an overall more overawing demeanor than the more neutral personalities of the Davis androids, presumably for greater efficiency at intimidating suspected targets. Franklin models stationed at the colonist ship Gaspar wore transparent helmets. Two advanced-model Franklins encountered by Amanda Ripley-McClaren and Zula Hendricks were also revealed to have skin that was completely bullet-proof.

Franklins were equipped with advanced model weaponry, notably handguns with Xenomorph blood-laced bullets.




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