"Hey. Hey, come here. Take a look at this."
Ullbeck (from Alien vs. Predator)

Francis Ullbeck, better known as "Fin",[2] was a technician working for Weyland Industries. He was one of several people who worked at Receiving Station #6-D in Silver Leaf, Nebraska.


Ullbeck was a satellite controller, remotely adjusting orbiting satellites from his workstation at Receiving Station #6-D in Silver Leaf, Nebraska.[3] An avid gamer, Ullbeck considered his prowess with video games partly responsible for his skill at maneuvering satellites hundreds of miles above Earth.[3] Owing the the sporadic nature of his work, he would often pass the hours when his services were not required watching movies on a television set in the office where he worked.[4]

Ullbeck was on duty on October 3, 2004 when Weyland Industries Satellite PS12 detected an unidentified heat bloom beneath the ice on Bouvet Island. Further scanning revealed an unknown pyramid hidden deep beneath the surface (actually of Yautja origin), leading Charles Bishop Weyland to hastily organize an expedition to the island to investigate the structure.


  • In the novelization of Alien vs. Predator, Ullbeck is described as heavily overweight [2] and has a beard.[5] This is contrary to his appearance in the film, where he is a much slimmer, clean-shaven man (not counting a little stubble).