The Four-armed Predator was a massive, mutant Yautja with four arms that was dropped off on the Game Preserve planet some time after the events of Predators.


The mutant four-armed Predator was a much larger and more powerful version of the Yautja species, possessing an additional pair of arms (making it tetrabrachial). It is unclear if this was a natural (albeit presumably rare) Yautja trait, an intentional modification or a natural mutation. The Predator also appeared to have digitigrade legs, instead of the plantigrade legs found on other Yautja. Aside from its arms, legs, and stature, the four-armed Predator resembled a normal Yautja.

Hunting Tools

In Predators: Surviving Life

The four-armed Predator was deployed to fight against Royce and Izzy, the two-remaining Game Preserve residents who had survived for months after the events of Predators. It was specifically sent to face off against Royce, who assumed that he had been deemed a champion by the observing Predators due to his having defeated Berserker in hand-to-hand combat. Royce had also been gifted with human-specific Predator armor to indicate this designation. The four-armed Predator wasted no time stalking the duo, instead attacking immediately after deployment. Royce tried to take the Yautja on but was quickly overpowered. After a lengthy and brutal fight, Royce called upon Isabelle to get to higher ground so she could snipe the Yautja. Royce then continued to distract the Yautja until Isabelle shot it multiple times with her sniper rifle, finally killing it.


  • Kenner Products created an unreleased action figure of a Predator with four arms.


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