Foss was the Captain of the Nova Maru and, alongside Dean, was the only one who knew of its Xenomorph cargo and what it carried.


Foss was the Captain aboard the Nova Maru when the hold that kept Maru's Demons in check was breached, causing them to escape on board the ship. After a violent scuffle with the creatures he patched himself up and took Selkirk hostage. The two boarded an escape pod and managed to crash on planet PCW9512, where they were forced to survive together. Foss was not completely stable and began to have violent outbursts. One night when Selkirk went to fix the crashed escape pod and contact Dean, Foss threatened and tried to kill him. After a vicious but short scuffle Selkirk managed to stab Foss in the eye with a screwdriver, killing him.

Personality & Traits

Not much is known of Foss before his descent into madness, but it can be assumed he was a fairly level-headed individual. After the incident aboard the Maru he lost his composure and started to become insane. He was a fairly large man who possessed average to above-average strength. He nearly managed to kill Selkirk with his bare hands, and the only way the latter was able to stop him was by utilizing a screwdriver a makeshift weapon.


Foss was equipped with a machine gun, kept within arm's reach. He also kept a Med Pouch with him to self medicate.