The Flying Queen is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products.

In Aliens: Space Marines

In the Aliens: Space Marines series the Queen appears as a large blue Xenomorph with a large set of wings riddled with holes as well as a pair of normal arms, large talons for feet, a highly developed axe-like tail and axe-shaped crests protruding from her carapace, this design is based on the Kenner figure.

In Aliens: Night Strike, the Flying Queen is seen grabbing ATAX who is wearing an exoskeleton modeled after a Queen, she then carries him off. Bishop then theorizes that the Queen thought she was rescuing a fellow Queen.

In Aliens: Swarm, it is revealed that ATAX had killed the Flying Queen with the help of his Bio-Boost Armor.

In Operation: Aliens

The Flying Queen in Operation: Aliens was black in coloration, with large avian-like talons used for snatching prey. She had membraned wings, a pair of regular arms and a pair of vestigial arms and a membraned tail like a bat and her crest had a row of blunted spikes running down their length.

In Aliens: Armageddon

In Aliens: Armageddon, the Flying Queen is physically mostly similar to the one from Operation: Aliens however, it lacks the pair of normal arms and possesses a normal bladed tail instead of a membraned one, her crest was also much smoother. This Flying Queen was shown to be aggressive towards normal Xenomorphs, even killing a normal Queen or possibly Praetorian (though this could actually be the opposite as the most numerous Xenomorph enemies are brown in color while the flying Xenomorphs are the normal black color).


  • Flying Aliens have appeared in various arcades such as Aliens, where there were Drones with membraned wings and Chestburster-like parasites with the same attributes. There was also a flying Alien in the SNES game Alien vs Predator, where a pink flying Alien appears as the fourth boss. However, both of these games are likely non-canon.



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