The Flammenwerfer 3 Heavy Incineration Unit, also labeled as the Flammenmacher 3 Heavy Incineration Unit or Weyland Heavy Incinerator Unit, was a model of flamethrower manufactured by Weyland Corp and used by the crew of the USCSS Prometheus during the exploration of LV-223 in 2093. The Flammenwerfer 3 would also see use aboard the Weyland-Yutani Corporation mining station Erebos in 2185.


Also identified as the Flammenmacher 3 Heavy Incineration Unit or Weyland Heavy Incinerator Unit, the Flammenmwerfer 3 Heavy Incineration Unit was a powerful flamethrower with long range. As of 2185, it was worth 2000 United American dollars.


During the Weyland Corp exploration ship USCSS Prometheus' expedition to the moon of LV-223 in 2093, the Flammenmwerfer 3 Heavy Incineration Unit was used by team leader Meredith Vickers to euthanize archeologist Charlie Holloway after he had been infected by a dangerous alien pathogen. One of the mercenaries aboard the vessel also made use of a Flammenwerfer 3 in an ineffective attempt to kill the pathogen–infected Sean Fifield in the Prometheus' hangar as the infected geologist attacked and killed several crewmembers. Captain Idris Janek also used a Flammenwerfer 3 to finish Fifield after being run over by an RT Series Group Transport failed to kill the creature.

As of 2185, the Flammenwerfer 3 Heavy Incinerator Unit was used by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation's Correction Officers and androids aboard the mining station Erebos.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Prometheus flamethrower right side front

The stunt prop.[3]

Flamethrower props were created by Tarver Productions Ltd for Prometheus.[4][5] In addition to the hero practical flamethrowers, at least 1 lightweight stunt flamethrower was constructed for use in scenes where the practical units were not required. The prop was made as an identical twin to the heroes out of hard and soft rubber (the soft components were designed to prevent unnecessary injury to the cast during frenetic action scenes), also featuring a plastic support frame and both plastic and metal hoses, which were attached for additional realism. Additionally, it featured a carry handle, which rotated on the frame for mobility.[3]

The prop was finished in black, grey and metallic paint and features the Weyland Corp logo on the fuel tank. However, it was well-used on the production, and some of the paint finish became distressed from use, although it was still in good condition in October 2014, when it was in the possession of Prop Store. The dimensions of the prop were 24.5 cm x 94 cm x 21.5 cm (9¾” x 37” x 8½”).[3]

The stunt prop was auctioned by Prop Store in their October 2014 "Prop Store Live Auction of Film & Television Artefacts" with an estimated price of £2,000-£3,000; the winning bid was £2,000.[3]