Fidel Perez, better known as "El Hongo" (Spanish for "The Fungus"), was an organized crime boss and the leader of the Matadores in Neonopolis in 2030. As well as being the leader of the Matadores, he was an employee of Lucretia Borgia. As an associate of Borgia Industries and a dealer in the company's Prometheus Tech, El Hongo found himself the target of the Yautja Scarface when it traveled to Neonopolis to Hunt those who had proliferated his species' equipment.

El Hongo was stalked for some time by Scarface, acting as an unwitting pawn in the Predator's plans, leading the creature to other targets of interest, before finally being killed at the city's docks.


El Demonio Invisible

El Hongo first appears as he explained to his men that the downfall of Les Serviteurs, Dead Men and Don Giovanni's Mafia meant it was time for Los Matadores to take control of the city business. He was followed by Scarface as El Hongo went around the city arranging business. El Hongo soon realized something was not right and assumed one of the cloaked Les Serviteurs was following him. He then he went to one of his safe houses and ordered one of his members to stay alert for any troubles. After Scarface had killed the Matadores' gun traffickers, El Hongo found them skinned and hanged.

After he found his men dead, he called his boss Lucretia Borgia and tried to explain about Scarface killing his men and ruining business, but is ignored. El Hongo pulled himself together and goes to a strip club to find one of his employees, who he believed was holding out on him. Scarface had followed El Hongo to the strip club, and while El Hongo was inside the strip club, Scarface killed all the Matadores pimps and prostitutes around the city. El Hongo found two dead pimps atop of his car and called the Predator "El Demonio Invisible que hace trofeos de Hombres" ("The invisible demon who makes trophies of men"), then got in his car and drove away.

The Machine Men

After he drove away he went to New Way Field, where he called Lucretia for protection because his surviving men were leaving Neonopolis in terror. Lucretia sent Viktor the Chechen and his Machine Men to deal with the Yautja. Scarface followed El Hongo to the field and battled the Machine Men, taking Viktor's head as a trophy. It is unknown if El Hongo was watching the fight or if perhaps his men told him about the Machine Men's deaths. After their deaths, he called Lucretia again to inform her about the death of the Machine Men. Now more panicked than ever, El Hongo asked her for protection once more. Lucretia told him to go to the South Point Docks where Baby Blew and her gang of ex-porn star hookers were working to protect an important Prometheus tech shipment going on so the security would be high.

El Hongo arrived at the docks where he asked one of the hookers to take him to Baby Blew. There he met with Baby Blew, who proceeded to give El Hongo a lap dance. As El Hongo neared climax, Scarface had destroyed the Tech Weapons Shipment and it caused a fail system over the Hookers' cameo suits, exposing them as Borgia Black Ops. El Hongo immediately realized that it was the Yautja that had destroyed the ship and its cargo, then flees as Scarface slaughters each of the Black Ops. El Hongo tried to evade Scarface, but was cornered and caught by him. Scarface skinned El Hongo and hung his flayed corpse on a sign.


  • El Hongo's quote "El demonio invisible que hace trofeos de hombres" is similar to a line spoken by Anna to describe the Jungle Hunter in Predator.
  • According to his Caller ID, he is a Republican.




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