The planet Ferro was a barren and rocky colony world in the 2180s that was home to at least one human settlement.

Terrain and Climate

The planet was desolate and cold, particularly at night. The planet had no moons and constant thick clouds, making the nights extremely dark save for the occasional star in the sky in rare breaks in the clouds. Wood was a rare find on the barren, rocky surface and was even worth more per gram than platinum on the planet.


Sometime in 2179, a ten-year-old girl named Billie moved to the planet after losing her entire immediate family earlier that year in a "reactor accident" and moved with relatives that lived on the planet.


  • Ferro is likely named as a reference to the character Corporal Ferro in Aliens.
  • Ferro was not named in the comics, getting its name from the novelization which also offers more details about the mysterious planet.


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