"USM Auriga will impact in five... Four... Three... Two... One... Thank you."
Father (from Alien Resurrection)

Father was the artificial intelligence system on board the USM Auriga. Father was something of an antagonist, as while it took no direct action against the protagonists, it aided Dr. Wren in his escape from the Auriga and followed his orders to trap the protagonists in a room with an Alien pursuing them.

Annalee Call interfaced with Father in order to clear a path for the protagonists to escape through, and command the Auriga to crash into Earth. During this time, she informed Wren, "Father's dead, asshole," implying that she had shut the ship's computer down. However, Father continued to operate after Call disconnected, humorously announcing, "Thank you," at the end of its final countdown leading to the Auriga's fateful impact with Earth.


  • Father's name is a reference to the artificial intelligence on board the Nostromo, MU/TH/UR 6000, commonly referred to as "Mother".


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