Falconer was one of the Super Predators on the Game Preserve Planet. He notably used a falcon-like device to track prey from above. As well as an ongoing rivalry with the Jungle Hunter Clan, Falconer and his clan also abducted humans and other dangerous game to hunt on the planet.

The Falconer was killed in a duel with Hanzo, although Hanzo also perished from wounds sustained in the fight.


On the Game Preserve

Falconer and his fellow clan members begin hunting on the Game Preserve Planet. The Berserker, Falconer, and Tracker Predators first test their prey's sanity and emotion. The trio try to make a trap for the humans by killing one of them and using him as bait to lure them, however they didn't fall for the trap.

Tracking humans

Falconer, Tracker, and Berserker attack the humans, who had arrived at their Hunting Camp where trophies were kept as well as the Crucified Predator. However, the humans managed to escape the camp whilst under fire from the Super Predators. Meanwhile, Falconer sent his mechanical falcon to locate the fleeing humans, who had fallen into the river. Upon the falcon returning to Falconer at the camp, the three Super Predators de-cloaked. The Super Predators are later able to track the humans to inside Noland's hideout when Royce, firing explosive rounds from his Auto Assault-12, produced enough heat to attract them. They attack, but in the process Tracker is killed along with Nikolai, and the humans managed to escape again.



The Falconer fighting Hanzo in combat.

Falconer remains on hot pursuit of the humans. However, Hanzo decided to stop running to face the lone Predator by himself. Hanzo used a katana to fight against Falconer, who was used his extended Wristblade. After several exchange of blows, Hanzo finally succeeded in fatally wounding his foe, killing him. As the Predator fell to the ground, dead, Hanzo also succumbed to his own wounds and his death soon followed.

Personality and Traits

The Falconer Predator was shown to possibly be the only honorable Super Predator in the film as he dueled Hanzo one on one without any use of his weaponry besides his Wristblade, although it is possible that he was merely toying with Hanzo and underestimated him, which would prove to be a fatal mistake. The Falconer was incredibly agile and strong, being able to throw Hanzo a far distance and was also a skilled close-quarters fighter, using his Wristblade and Gauntlet to parry Hanzo's strikes. The Falconer seemed to savor the fear and toyed with the human as he urged Hanzo to fight him. This Super Predator seemed to be the smallest in Berserker's hunting party.

List of Notable Victims


The Falconer Predator was armed like his clan brothers with a single, elongated Wristblade as well as a new Cloak. The Falconer used a mechanical falcon to track his prey, for whatever the falcon saw the Predator could also see, and he had a full metallic glove on his left hand for the falcon to land on. In the film, however, the falcon landed on Falconer's shoulder. The Falconer Predator's bio-helmet is much bulkier than others, likely to hold the mechanics. During the hunt as the humans tried to escape, he was able to track their footprints on the ground with an unknown signature. He is also the only of the three Super Predators to not have a Plasmacaster although he might have been a Young Blood.

NECA action figure biography

"Highly skilled in engineering, Falconer Predator isn't interested in following the old Yautja traditions of the hunt. To him, the hunt must evolve, along with its tools. In his eyes the best way to do so is to observe and acquire the techniques and technology of those he hunts. As a newly successful Young Blood class Predator, Falconer Predator became intrigued by his prey that used flying creatures as a hunting tool. Not satisfied to domesticate and train such creatures on his home planet, Falconer Predator built and programmed his own deadly bird using the technology of the Yautja augmented by the technology of Xenomorphs and other cultures he had encountered in his hunts." [1]


  • The Falconer bio-helmet bears some resemblance to a real-life falcon; whether this is partly the reason he is named as his is, or merely a reflection of his name, is unknown.
  • Falconer was the only member of the Super Predator Clan that was not armed with a Plasmacaster.
  • In concept art, the Falconer was shown with Freddy Krueger-like claws on his left hand. He would of likely used these to skin his victims.
  • Although never seen in the movie, the Falconer Predator can summon many Falcons as a form of air-strike in the Predators and AVP: Evolution mobile games.




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