The FTL Lifeboat, sometimes referred to as the FTL crew escape module, is an evacuation vehicle developed by Weyland Corp for the purpose of secure detachment from a Weyland vessel.


In the film, Vickers' luxury suite aboard the USCSS Prometheus was a lifeboat, which stored a holographic background screen, a small bar, and a medpod, as well as a piano and a crystal chandelier. Shaw removed the trilobite from her body in this module at one point in the film. Later, when Vickers escaped the Prometheus, her lifeboat detached from a panel on the ship, and crashed on the surface of LV-223. Afterwards, Shaw went back for equipment, armed with a hatchet. She was attacked by the last Engineer before setting the trilobite on it, whom subdued the Engineer. Later, an alien creature was born.


Exclusively designed for FTL crafts of a suitable size, this emergency sustaining pod is an embedded safety module comprised of 7 luxury-appointed rooms, complete with independent navigation and piloting controls. Reclaiming decontamination system allows one occupant 50 years of breathable air with or without hypersleep.



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