"The ExoSuit is a "micro-scale" heavy armor solution, bringing the offensive and defensive benefits of larger combat vehicles to the individual soldier. It is designed for heavy assault in difficult enviroments by combining staggering firepower with a range of integrated protective systems."
ExoSuit description (from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction)

The Exosuit, ExoSuit or Exo-Suit is a militarized version of the P-5000 Powered Work Loader[1] designed for heavy combat use. Used by both the United States Colonial Marine Corps and private military contractors like the Iron Bears, the Exosuit is a "micro-scale" heavy armor solution, bringing offensive and defensive benefits of larger combat vehicles to any individual soldier in battle. It is specifically designed for heavy assault in any difficult environments by combining staggering firepower with a range of integrated protective systems.


Certain Exosuits are known to use customized weaponry and systems. The exosuit from Aliens versus Predator 2, nicknamed Alice by Marines, is outfitted with a laser and flamethrower in one weapon arm; there are twin rotary guns and a rocket launcher on the other. Alice has also shown far more speed and agility than the lumbering motions of standard Exosuits, being able to sprint rapidly and jump much higher than the average human, though jumping uses extra power that recharges when standing still (not crouching).

By default, the Exosuit featured in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction comes equipped with twin M103 Torrent Cannons with one attached to each arm. These rotary cannons are linked and work together to saturate a broad firing arc with projectiles. When a torrent cannon attacks, it initially fires at a moderate rate and covers a small arc, but "spins up" until it absolutely blankets a large arc with its firepower. Those enemies not amply protected often lose their full freedom of movement as they struggle to survive the onslaught.

The Exosuit's upgrade replaces the mechanical torrent cannon with an electronically triggered projectile array known affectionately as the "bullet box" - a grid of railguns that come pre-filled with rounds (possibly a superposed load system). These railguns can fire simultaneously, and with sufficient frequency to launch multiple projectiles before their predecessors have even left the barrel. The result is a weapon that fires nearly 1,000 rounds a second (rps), a volume of ordinance sufficient to liquefy (or vaporize) most targets within seconds.


The Exosuit protects its operator with a suit of integrated systems. First, it has compound multi-layered armor that enables it to deflect lighter projectiles outright. Second, its integrated anti-NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) systems permanently protect its wearer from a range of Xenomorph afflictions, including spores, cysts, virulence, acid scarring from Xenomorph blood, and Facehugger attack. Lastly, the system is largely impervious to radiation and fire.


The Exosuit's fire rate enables it to suppress and shred large numbers of enemies, making it particularly useful against melee attackers, since they have a hard time closing inside the weapon's attack cone. While it does not fire armor-piercing rounds, the Exosuit's fire rate is so great that even heavily armored targets can succumb to it, given enough time. Finally, the suit's compound protective systems make it ideal against attackers that otherwise cause side effects on organic troops.

The Exosuit's biggest weaknesses, however, are its limited speed and maneuverability, byproducts of its heavy protective systems. Also, while the exosuit's rate of fire makes the issue less significant than it might be, the suit's bullet's have neither great penetrating power nor long range. A number of enemies are specialized for attacking heavier opponents and can exploit these weaknesses. Also, the Exosuit's designers have yet to integrate the Apesuit's recent advances towards full acid resistance.

Aliens versus Predator 2[]

AVP2 Exosuit 'Alice'

The Exosuit "Alice" from Aliens versus Predator 2

The Exosuit featured in Aliens versus Predator 2, known as "Alice", features twin 'over and under' rotary guns and a rocket launcher on the right arm with a laser and flamethrower on the left arm. It is also quite mobile, being able to jump and even perform boosted crouch jumps, though jumping and using the laser does use a significant amount of energy from the regenerating energy reserve.

Aliens versus Predator: Extinction[]

The Exo-Suit was a one-person piloted suit of protective armor used by the Marine Space Force in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction.

The Marine response to dense populations of Xenomorphs (which would eventually precipitate the creation of the Ravager and Carrier Xenos), the Exosuit was designed to more safely explore dangerous areas on planets. It has the fastest attack rate of any unit in the game which only grows faster upon being upgraded, and counts as two units in Marine Gameplay. It is so fast that quick enemies such as the Runner, Brawler, and even the heavily armored Praetorian are cut to half of their maximum speed to deal with the onslaught of bullets.

Because the wearer lives and dies with the suit, infestation by a Facehugger is impossible and they cannot obtain acid damage that would impair their ability to be healed by a Synthetic. Spear Master similarly cannot one-hit-kill them stealthily and they do not catch fire or suffer from the effects of a Stalker's upgraded bleeder Speargun. Despite all these advantages, the Exo-suit is relatively slow moving and has limited maneuverability. Turning in different directions to face enemies can take time, which allows them to get hits in before the Suit can truly respond to the assault.

Similar USCMC Vehicles[]

0017449 vintage kenner aliens atax marine action figure 370

The Kenner Products' Aliens series 2 A.T.A.X

ATAX (Alien Tactical Advantage Explorer)[]

The ATAX (Alien Tactical Advantage Explorer) is an infiltration tactics powered exoskeleton was featured in the series 2 of Kenner Products' Aliens toy line.




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