Ensign Lyle was a member of the Coast Guard in the early 2190s. Lyle was stationed on The Dutton, which was under the command of Commander Barton.


In early 2192, Lyle was part of a clean up effort above Earth's atmosphere to prevent large pieces of space debris from falling to the surface. The Dutton was in the middle of a salvage operation on an old derelict that wandered into Earth's orbit. After Lyle sent in the probe to investigate the ship before he and Barton destroyed it, the probe managed to get snagged. When the probe was pulled back, the two crew members saw a strange creature holding onto the probe as The Dutton pulled it in. The two panicked and worked frantically to space the creature from the ship, but it managed to get inside the cockpit. The Xenomorph made its way to Lyle, grabbing him and killing him with a Headbite. The Dutton was then caught in a timed explosion set by the crew, killing Barton and the Xenomorph. Only the "Blue Box" recording of the events remained.


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