Enrique Alcatena (born February 26, 1957) is an Argentine comic book artist who provided interior art for the comics Predator: The Pride at Nghasa and Predator versus Judge Dredd for Dark Horse Comics. A prolific and respected comics artist, Alcatena has worked for decades in the field for major companies both American and international.


Born in Buenos Aires in 1957, Alcatena first worked for the publisher Record starting in 1975 and illustrating stories and series such as La Fortaleza Movil, El Mago, Mundo Subterraneo, Pesadillas, Dinastia Maldita and Acero Liquido.

Alcatena became famous in his native country during the 1980s collaborating for local magazines like Skorpio and Nippur. He also worked for the children's magazine Anteojito where his work was mostly surreal fantasy full of mythology (which have remained heavy themes throughout his career, influencing his earthy, tribal-influenced artwork). Most of these stories were also published in European magazines, translated to English, Italian and French.

In the 1990s, he Alcatena truly achieved international and mainstream comic book acclaim, becoming arguably the most successful Argentine artist to work for such major American comic publishers as DC, Marvel, Eclipse and Dark Horse Comics on titles such as Hawkworld, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Conan the Barbarian, The Fantastic Four and of course Predator, among numerous others.

Alcatena also remained active in the Argentine comics market, drawing for companies such as Editorial Garcia Ferre, Editorial Columba and Doedytores. He worked on comics such Marlin, Metallium Terra, and his self-published magazine Hacha. He also produced creator-owned works such as Les Carnets Secrets de Marco Polo, cataloguing fictitious magical adventures of the famed historical explorer.

Alcatena has also worked in the Italian market, where he became known for his work on the book Pesadillas.

For years Alcatena was represented by the Red Sector Art company (which represents other prominent Argentine talent such as fellow-A/P/AVP contributor Eduardo Risso), with his artwork displayed and sold through Red Sector's website.

As of December 1, 2009, Alcatena and Red Sector Art amicably parted ways after Enrique received "an offer he couldn't refuse about the straight purchase of his whole body of art, which will likely be offered in some other venue in the future," according to Alcetena's former official webpage at the Red Sector's site.

With The Pride at Nghasa, Alcatena joined the ranks of Predator artists as the second Argentine contributor, following fellow-artist Leo Duranona, who drew the earlier story Predator: Blood Feud. He was followed by Risso.

Aclatena has collaborated in the past with American comics artist Timothy Truman (with whom he worked on the DC series Hawkworld) and the two share a very distinctive similar thematic and art style.

He continues to work and produce new comics works to this day.


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