"I saw it. Scariest damn shit I've ever seen."
―Corporal Wearing regarding the Engineer (from Prometheus: Life and Death)

The Life and Death Engineer was an Engineer encountered by the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was awoken from stasis by Sergeant Roth and his squad after they had managed to board a stranded Juggernaut on the planet LV-797, following a skirmish with a clan of Yautja.

After being evaded by the humans, he landed on LV-223 to wake up a Second Engineer, tasked with hunting down the Marines and wiping out all remaining life on the moon.


Early life[]

During an unknown period, the Engineer had entered his Juggernaut ship, before going into stasis within a Sarcophagus. The ship would find its way to the planet LV-797, nicknamed Tartarus, likely crash-landing.


"It was humanoid, Mr. Melville. Titanic. There was something perfect about it."
Singer to Melville (from Prometheus: Life and Death)

After a squad of Colonial Marines of the Hasdrubal had battled a clan of Predators to board the Juggernaut on Tartarus, the squad's Synthetic, Singer, managed to get the ship flying, damaging a sarcophagus-like object during a battle with the Cracked Tusk Predator. As a result of collateral damage during the fight, the Engineer awakened from stasis and emerged in front of the cautious Marines.

The Engineer stared blankly at his recipients, as Marine Indelicato approached him and attempted to establish peaceful contact. The Engineer responded by brutally crushing his head. The shocked Marines opened fire, with their weaponry having no effect as he threw Indelicato's body aside. The Marines retreated, as the Engineer took back his vessel and set coordinates to the moon LV-223.

Arrival at LV-223[]

""Why... Why would something so evidently advanced act with such hostility against its own creations?"
"Who knows, Mr. Melville? Maybe we're accidents. Or disappointments."
Melville and Foster (from Prometheus: Life and Death)
Engineers Galgo

The two Engineers being observed by Galgo.

Six days later, the derelict landed on the moon, and the Engineer walked out, with the Marines following shortly after out of sight, as Galgo Helder and either Chris Hanlock or Jill observed from a distance.

The Engineer approached and entered the Engineer temple. There, he accessed another sarcophagus and awakened a second Engineer from stasis, assigning him to track down and kill the Marines and subsequently purge all remaining life on the moon.

After some time, the Life and Death Engineer came outside with two ampules of Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, the second waiting outside. The two were being observed by Galgo, who left to warn the Marines, who had recently teamed up with Angela's group.

The group devised a plan to all leave the moon. Sergeant Roth, Singer, Captain Angela Foster and Humble were to seize the derelict under the Engineer's nose whilst Galgo and the Yautja Elder Ahab distracted the second. After the coast was clear, the rest of the group would board the ship and take off.

RCO019 1473903420

The Engineer shoots at Roth.

Roth and his team approached the derelict from a distance, the Engineer lingering nearby. Roth eventually volunteered to distract it, getting closer and firing a grenade. The explosion caught the Engineer's eye, and he walks away from the ship to investigate. The rest board the ship whilst he's busy.

The Engineer suddenly noticed Roth in the distance and shot at him using a firearm, upon which he swiftly returned to the derelict. As Angela, Singer and Humble hid in the interior, the Engineer lifted the ship and took off, effectively stranding the rest of the humans on the moon.


"Right. Asleep. Right here in this box. If it's asleep, it can wake up."
Humble regarding the Engineer (from Prometheus: Life and Death - Final Conflict)

The Engineer emerges again, before being obliterated by Foster.

Whilst in the derelict, Foster, Humble and Singer discovered that the Engineer went into cryostasis and had set the ship to a course for Earth, intent on using the black goo to wipe out the human race. Foster subsequently woke the Engineer up, before immediately throwing a belt of grenades at him and detonating them, killing him. After recovering from the explosion, Singer noted that the ship was slowing down and that the group had arrived at an unknown planet.



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