The Life and Death Engineer was an Engineer who was awoken from stasis by the United States Colonial Marine Corps after they had managed to board the derelict ship he was located in on the planet Tartarus.


Though appearing very similar to most other Engineer's seen, this one in particular features red pupils that showcase an intimidating stare. Regardless, the fact that this Engineer possess such traits may just be for artistic reasons and less lore-based.



After a squad of colonial marines of the Hasdrubal had battled a clan of Yautja to board an Engineer vessel on the planet Tartarus, the squad managed to get the ship flying after they had damaged a sarcophagus-like object during a battle with the Cracked Tusk Predator. The being inside the sarcophagus woke up due to this. The marine Indelicato investigates the damage to the object, before it suddenly opens in front of him. The cautious marines watch on as the Engineer emerges from stasis and stares blankly at Indelicato. He approaches the being, attempting to establish peaceful contact. The Engineer replies by brutally crushing his head. The shocked marines open fire, with their weaponry having no effect as it throws Indelicato's body aside. The marines retreat, as the Engineer takes back his vessel. After briefly glancing at Indelicato's lifeless body, the Engineer redirects the ship and sets coordinates to LV-223.

Arrival at LV-223

Engineers Galgo

The two Engineers being observed by Galgo.

Six days later, the derelict lands on the moon of LV-223 and the Engineer walks out. The marines shortly follow after the Engineer is out of sight, as Galgo Helder and Angela Foster observe from a distance.

The Engineer approaches a temple in the distance and enters it. Inside is a sarcophagus, similar to the one he himself was sleeping in. He opens it and awakens a second Engineer from stasis. He assigns him to track down and kill all humans on the moon.

The second Engineer waits outside as the first comes outside with two ampules of Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15. The two are being observed by Galgo, who leaves to warn the marines, who had recently teamed up with Angela's group.

The group devises a plan to all leave the moon. Sergeant Roth, Singer Angela and Humble are to seize the derelict under the Engineer's nose whilst Galgo and Ahab distract the second. After the coast is clear the rest of the group will board the ship and take off. The group see the Engineer, still standing by his vessel. Angela initially suggest to wait him out, but Roth decides to distract him by firing a grenade onto the temple.

The explosion catches the Engineer's eye, and he walks away from the ship to investigate. The rest board the ship whilst he's busy.

The Engineer suddenly notices Roth in the distance and shoots at him using a firearm. The Engineer returns to the derelict, leaving Roth. As Angela, Singer and Humble hide in the interior, the Engineer lifts the ship and takes off, effectively stranding the rest of the humans on the moon.


Whilst in the derelict, Foster, Humble and Singer discover that the Engineer went into cryostasis and that he had set the ship to a course for Earth. Foster wakes the Engineer up, only to immediately throw a belt of grenades at him and detonates them, killing him. After recovering from the explosion, Singer notices that the ship is slowing down and that the group have arrived at an unknown planet.



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