The Energy Flechette[1] is a Yautja short-range energy projector weapon. In many respects, it is a simpler, less powerful version of the Plasmacaster, built into the Yautja's wrist gauntlet.


The Energy Flechette is mounted in the Yautja's wrist gauntlet.[1] While some versions are seemingly fixed in place, others have been seen that fold away into the gauntlet when not in use.[2] It is similar in many respects to the classic Plasmacaster weapon, albeit firing significantly less powerful bolts and with many of the latter's more advanced features removed. For example, the Energy Flechette is incapable of tracking targets independently, and it does not feature an integrated laser sight; as such, it must be aimed by the Yautja literally pointing their arm at the target, and is only suitable at close range. It would also be difficult to use against small or fast-moving targets.

Owing to its simplistic nature and somewhat lacking power, the Energy Flechette is seemingly only intended as a backup weapon, to be used in situations where more powerful weaponry is unavailable or disabled.[1][2] Different variants have been seen offering either single-shot[2] or rapid fire capability.[1]




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