"LOL! ROFL! U? Take me alive? Not 2Day U won't, Dredd! 4Get it!"
―Archbishop Emoji (from Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Splice and Dice)

Archbishop Emoji was a psychic, robo-messiah and false prophet, hell-bent on destroying the human race.


Archbishop Emoji didn't actually believe any of the things he told the followers of his apocalyptic cult. There was no Great Programmer with a divine message that only Archbishop Emoji could understand. There was no divine prophecy within the Great Holy Book of Code that only Emoji could interpret. The Prophecy that said it was "...the duty of all true believers to bring forth salvation to Mega-City One. Salvation in the form of glorious apocalypse." was pure bunk. 100% crap. The truth of the matter was simple and the truth was this: Archbishop Emoji just really, really hated humans.

More recently, Archbishop Emoji had been chased by the Judges through the Cursed Earth and into the Alabama Morass, for his and his followers involvement in the firebombing of the John Corbett block of Mega-City One. Emoji was also wanted for additional charges that specifically included murder, arson, attempted murder, aggravated assault, possession of explosives, possession of firearms, cyber-bullying, impersonating a messiah, desecration of religious artifacts, sedition, criminal fraud, criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, theft, robbery, speeding, reckless driving, evasion of a Judge, and speeding.

Hate couldn't save Emoji When the Judges finally caught up with him in the Alabama Morass. As Dredd extended his Lawgiver toward Archbishop Emoji's head, he declared, "My Judgement: Termination of operations." Emoji replied, "BCNU... L8R." And when it came time for Judge Dredd to administer the final sentence, something strange and unexpected transpired. Emoji wondered if he was witnessing some sort of miracle. Some sort of... divine intervention. Emoji was certain that the strange creatures that came to his aid, who were actually Dr. Niels Reinstöt's mutated Ani-Men, were some sort of Heavenly agents delivered unto him to assist with what he recognized as his holy purpose. He still hated humans, of course, but what fueled him now was his faith in finding the key to Mega-City One's salvation, and its apocalypse.

In the end, however, it was clear that he had been in his fantasy world for far too long and let his hatred of humanity cloud his programming, as he was eventually betrayed when his cult is wiped out by Reinstöt's Ani-Men-born Xenomorphs and he himself was destroyed by the doctor with a single shot to the head.