Doctor Emi Yang was a physician who oversaw Private Zula Hendricks' spinal surgery and subsequent recuperation. After Hendricks went AWOL, Yang began sending numerous messages to Zula in an attempt to convince her to return.


After having to quell a synthetic mutiny aboard the Europa, Zula begins browsing her terminal in her room, receiving messages from Amanda Ripley-McClaren, her majors, and Yang. Yang requests Zula to return to Luna. She states that she misses her and wishes to finish her treatment so that she can make an early recovery to end her constant physical pain. She promises that, as her physician, there would be no "permanent mark on your record". Zula reconsiders, then decides to contact Dr. Yang without her companion Davis One knowing.

Whilst Zula and Davis were dealing with a Xenomorph infestation in the Wright-Aberra fuel depot, survivor Dr. Hollis informs the two that a heavily armed squad of Colonial Marines are arriving at the station. Davis believes that the marines were there to take a Xenomorphic sample back to Earth under Weyland-Yutani's orders. Zula admits to Davis that she has been in contact with Dr. Yang back at Luna.


  • Yang's hair color constantly changes between issues for an unknown reason, appearing blonde in some issues and black in another issue.


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