The Elite Clan was a group of legendary Elite Yautja who were just below the ruling Ancients in the Yautja hierarchy. The clan was led by Spartan. The Elite Clan often took in young unblooded Predators who wished to prove themselves worthy of membership and of carrying the title Elite. They had to prove themselves in combat against the Xenomorphs before they would be allowed to join the clan.



The Elite Clan first appears in Aliens vs. Predator. In the tutorial of the Predator campaign the Young Blood later known as "Dark" is being trialed by the trial overseers. The leader of the clan, who is known as Spartan, tells Dark to prepare himself for the trial and then releases a pack of Xenomorphs. Once Dark proves himself worthy to be part of the clan, the Yautja then leave the planet to answer a distress call from a pack of Young Bloods who were hunting on a planet called, BG-386.


After the Xenomorph infestation grew on BG-386, three Elites were sent to search for the Young Blood Pack. Later it is discovered that the Young Bloods were killed. Two by humans, the other three by Xenomorphs. At the end of the war, Dark is the only Yautja Elite to leave the planet alive.




Notable Members[]