Wolf AvP 2010

Wolf, one of the elites on BG-386.

Elite is the rank of a Predator who has not only completed his basic training, but has successfully killed several dangerous species, such as Xenomorphs, River Ghosts and Humans. This means that Elites are the general foundation of the more dangerous Predators encountered, and are most likely the reason why the Predator race is seen as close to unbeatable by the humans that are forced to face them.


There is a Yautja clan called the Elite Clan which only the most experienced Predators can be part of. In order to be members of the clan, a Youngblood must gain the rank, one must be either an Honored Predator, an Elder, a Veteran, or be born into the clan.

Elite is one of several great ranks a Predator can receive.

Known History

In 2004, an Elite Predator (named Wolf) arrived on earth responding to a distress signal transmitted by a crashed predator scout ship which was hijacked by a Predalien. Aboard the ship, many Facehugger containment cells were destroyed, allowing the creatures to escape and impregnate various hobos in the sewer. He took most of the equipment from the dead crew, and then set the ship to self- destruct. From there, he used a vial of unnamed blue liquid (which quickly dissolves body mass) to disintegrate the bodies of dead Facehuggers, and their hosts. After tracking the Predalien through the town of Gunnison, Colorado he finally faced the creature, both wolf and the Predalien were mortally wounded in the battle, until they were both killed by an atomic bomb that was deployed by the U.S. military, in a successful attempt to eradicate the Xenomorph infestation. Three Elites came to BG-386 (One of them is Dark) to investigate a distress call sent by several Youngblood Predators. One Elite is harvested by Six shortly after he landed on the planet trying to save two Youngbloods, and the other Elite of his party was found by Dark dead amidst a large refinery on the planet. It's likely he was killed by the Warriors of the Matriarch before the Queen's own death at the hands of a human Colonial Marine known as "Rookie". Dark and Spartan are the only surviving Elites to return from BG-386 in the end.

Known Elites



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