The Electric, or Static, alien is a form of Xenomorph introduced in Aliens (1990 video game), developed by Konami.


Having reached the roof of the Hadley's Hope after having fought a variety of xenomorphs and surviving electrical storms, Ellen Ripley/Dwayne Hicks is forced to fight two members of this breed. After the death of the first member of the pair, the remaining alien will begin to perform heavier attacks which deal more damage to the player and will move faster until it is defeated.


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The "Electric" alien as it appears in-game.

Like a majority of the Konami-created aliens in the game, the Electric breed has unusual traits which set it apart from other alien types. While it retains a similar appearance to a Drone, it is purple in color instead of the classic black and also displays hair-like appendages across its crest, which may or may not be the source of its electrical abilities. After receiving enough damage, they will shift to the usual orange color like the other bosses of the game.


At the beginning of the battle, the two aliens will stand either side of the player and launch a wave-like attack which will harm the player if they do not dodge. They will also run towards the player at a fast pace before reappearing again in their usual position. After the player kills one of the aliens, the remaining alien will launch large electrical spheres which cause a large amount of damage towards the player if they hit.

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Ripley fighting the remaining Electric alien after killing one of them.

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