"Years of hunting experience has granted this Yautja the title of Elder. This class upholds honorable hunting traditions passed down through the centuries."
―Description of an Elder (from Predator: Hunting Grounds)
Elder Predator
Rank Elder
Superior To: Blooded/Adjutant
Subordinate To: Clan Leader[citation needed]
Next Rank: Clan Leader(Presumably)

Elders are accomplished, long lived Yautja warriors who are distinguished from the Blooded and Elites ranks for their battle prowess or leadership. Often, but not always, an Elder also jointly holds the title of Clan Leader.


Elders are old hunters who have accomplished countless hunts over many years, having cultivated and brandished their own unique hunting and fighting style in the interim. Many have the skulls of several Queen Aliens in their trophy collections.[citation needed] Often, they lead clans, commanding a Mother Ship, but they can also be found counselling and mentoring younger hunters.[citation needed] Elderly Yautja that do not hunt at all are referred to as Retirees, and serve the species in other ways, such as being shipworkers.[1] According to Dachande, some even practice philosophy.[2]

As Clan Leaders, Elders oversee the Blooding ritual from afar on ships, monitoring Young Bloods as they become adults (although sometimes this is done by Ancients).[citation needed] They determine which planet a hunt will commence on, who the targets are, ect.

On at least 2 occasions, Elders of clans have gifted weapons to Humans who have either assisted or bested a Yautja in combat.

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