"I thought we were friends! Was I wrong? Of course I was wrong. Wrong to be your friend. Wrong to keep your secrets. Wrong to trust you. But I feel smarter, now. I do. Smart enough to know the truth. Smart enough to tell you that, Francis, even in this infinite universe... There's nowhere to run."
Elden to Francis (from Prometheus: Fire and Stone)

Elden was a construct part of the crew of the Geryon sent on a 'salvage mission' on the moon LV-223. Elden began violently mutating after he was injected with a dose of Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 by astrobiologist Francis Lane, who wanted to use Elden as a filter to see if the liquid could cure his cancer.


"Is it always like this? All the pain? The endless river of thoughts streaming through your head? Living is so...Ugly. I expected something amazing."

Graph showing Elden's evolutionary stages.

Originally a machine, Elden has taken on a humanoid form and looks as if he's been stripped of most cutaneous material. He is done all over in white and reddish tones, with two tube-like tendrils protruding from his back. Elden is capable of fighting multiple Xenomorphs and Predators at once and is able to withstand a blast from a Plasmacaster without flinching and then regenerate the damaged flesh seconds afterward. His mutation also allowed him to morph his body at will. During a battle with a pack of Predators, Elden morphed the flesh of his stomach into jaws with which he bit one Predator, causing the alien hunter to mutate as well. He seemly became a "carrier" for the virus as vegetation began to grow wherever he touched and his bite caused a Yautja to mutate similarly to Fifield.

He has some control over the Xenomorphs and vaguely reflects their skeletal visage. The tendrils on his back turned out, later, to be an immature extra set of arms.


Elden's "human" form.

Two days before arriving at the moon, passenger Clara Atkinson begins recording a documentary using a PUP-like device. She introduces the camera to Francis Lane and begins talking to him. After the discussion, Francis contacts Elden, who is busy scribbling 'hello' on the walls. Francis tells Elden that if Clara talks to him, don't bring up his "medical condition" (cancer).

Elden and the rest of the crew land on the moon and begin exploring the terrain and are met with a lush jungle, bristling with strange alien life. They later come across a field of deceased mauled creatures and a lake of black goo. Francis becomes intrigued with the liquid and begins examining it, with Elden remaining cautious.

The prime discovery made by the crew, however, was an old vessel, the Onager, from the colony Hadley's Hope located on the neighboring moon LV-426 — containing a horde of hostile Xenomorphs which they unwittingly unleash.

Mutation and rampage

Francis injecting Elden with the black goo.

Separated from the rest of the crew, Francis and Elden take shelter in a remote cave. They uncover the research left behind by the cave's previous inhabitant — a survivor of the Onager crash, Derrick Russell. After reading the survivor's work, Francis deduces that the result of the jungle was due to a crashed alien ship that had released numerous urns of black goo in the process, mutating the environment. Francis determines that the genetic accelerant's mutation process could be filtered to be the long-sought cure for his cancer. Francis requests for a reluctant Elden to be the filter, and injects him with a "drop" of the liquid. Elden, frightened, begins mutating violently.

Enraged at Lane, Elden began chasing his "friend", but Francis was able to escape from him and reunite with the crew.

Elden, mid-transformation, emerging from the jungle.

Back at the Helios, a horde of Xenomorphs began crowding outside the ship, with Captain Angela Foster and some other members watching from a distance. Angela suggests that Galgo and fellow members Piper and Higgins return to the Perses to use the ship to drive off the aliens using it's weaponry, whilst putting Francis in lockdown.

Whilst waiting for Galgo's backup, Angela and others witness an unhinged Elden approach the surrounded Helios and the Xenomorphs allow him to open the hatch to the ship.

Galgo, Piper, and Higgins decide to take the Perses back to the Geryon and abandon the rest of the crew. Elden, knowing that Francis is in the Perses, pilots the Helios and takes off to find and kill Francis.

Chaos inside the Geryon

"I don't know what you are or where you came from...But thank you. I've been harboring a lot of rage lately. Now I get to let it out."
Elden to a group of Predators

Elden threatens Francis

The Helios reaches the Geryon, with Elden threatening Galgo over comms that he wants Francis. Galgo complies and takes protesting Francis to the bridge of the Helios for a hostage exchange. Once there, separated by a blast door, Elden begins taunting Francis and wished to interrogate him for answers, before a breach alarm suddenly sounds as a Predator hunting party invades the ship. An angered Elden, believing it to be one of Galgo's "tricks", forcefully opens the door, causing a group of Xenomorphs to swarm into the Geryon. Elden watches on monitors as the Xenomorphs aboard the Kadmos, breach the barricade to the sickbay, and kills Steinberg, Hank, Orrie, Takahashi and another injured survivor.

Elden battles the Predators.

Unable to find him through surveillance cameras, Elden decides to search for Francis on foot, actively and outwardly taunting him on the way and how he was 'jealous of his lifespan.' Elden senses Galgo departing from the Geryon on the Perses and subsequently encounters several Predators, one of them immediately firing its Plasmacaster through Elden's abdomen. Elden is unfazed as he regenerates his wounds and menacingly taunts the Yautja as a battle ensues between him, the hunters and the Xenomorphs. At one point, a hunter grabs him from behind, but Elden's abdomen morphs into a large maw and bites a chunk out of the former's arm. As the Predator doubles over in pain, another hunter comes to his aid and stabs Elden with a knife, with Elden retorting by grasping its upper and lower jaw and ripping the top half of the Predator's head clean off. The last hunter, realizing it is outmatched and that Elden is a worthy opponent, honors Elden by branding him the mark of a warrior. It also offers him a knife, but Elden refuses, citing Yautja culture as "simple". Elden goes on to say that he has "more interesting game to hunt. The one who created me".

Elden and Francis

"I don't want to kill you, Francis. I just wanted someone to explain it all, to help me understand what I am now."
Elden to a dying Francis.

Elden looking out into space.

Elden returns to his Xenomorph allies and asks for Francis' location. However, the creatures turn on Elden and swarm him. Elden was subsequently saved by a Predator, and the two slaughter the remaining Xenos together. Elden sets off to find Francis but is suddenly later netted in a trap set by Francis, the latter plunging a syringe into his neck and locking himself in another room, Francis intending to use Elden's blood as a filter to cure his cancer. Elden frees himself and pleas with Francis in the other room not to inject himself with the filter. Francis ignores him and does so, resulting in him violently convulsing and mutating. Elden is suddenly attacked by the Predator that marked him, with Elden responding by plunging the hunters spear into its chest and leaving it for the Xenomorphs before running off to locate the mutated Francis.

Elden and Francis defeat the Mutated Yautja.

Elden finds a heavily mutated Francis being attacked by a Mutated Yautja - the hunter that was previously bitten by Elden's maw. Both Elden and Francis ally themselves to defeat the Yautja, with the two tearing off its arms and Francis stabbing it with a lead pipe. With the chaos finally over, Elden reveals to Francis that he simply wanted him to tell him of the purpose of life, and what it meant to be alive. However, Francis' body begins to disintegrate. Elden asks Francis what he can do for him and Francis responds that he simply wants to see the world. Elden carries the dying Francis to a window. Francis tells Elden that he is his legacy and that he should do something with his immortality. After Francis dies, Elden grabs a finger and puts it in a small box, the last remaining remnant of his former companion.

Return to LV-223

Elden emerges from the Wreckage of the Helios.

Elden subsequently takes the Helios back down to LV-223 to reunite with Angela and the survivors, which now composes of Galgo, Jill, Chris Hanlock, and Ahab. Elden crashes the ship in front of Angela and Galgo during nightfall and subsequently slumps out of the wreckage. Angela accompanies Elden but soon falls asleep. The next day, Angela wakes up to Elden salvaging from the ship in attempts to build a bullhorn. Though Angela objects, stating that they would require something that could produce a signal, she soon realizes through Derrick Russell's notes that there is a human beacon within a nearby mountain. The group discuss using the Onager to drill into the mountain.

Elden battles the Xenomorphs.

Angela approaches the wreckage of the Onager, now infested with Xenomorphs and attempt to use Galgo as bait to lure out Ahab to clear the area of the creatures. When the Xenomorphs attack, Elden emerges to save the two and battles the creatures but quickly becomes overwhelmed. Ahab suddenly appears and kills the creatures. In the aftermath, Ahab turns his attention to Elden and grabs him. Though Angela protests, believing that he will kill the construct. However, Elden is okay with this as Ahab is actually embracing him. Ahab noticed Elden's clan mark and places his forehead onto Elden, honoring him.


Elden sacrificing himself.

The group takes the Onager and arrive at the mountain and begin drilling into it. However, the acid begins eating through the ship. Elden concludes that the mountain is alive and that the crew hit a vein. The group pilot the ship out of the vein and into a smaller tunnel and later find that the Prometheus's signal is coming from behind a "wall". Angela tries to dig through but is promptly stopped by Elden who cites that the mountain is alive. Edlen speculates that the "mountain" was a being on the Prometheus that the accelerant caused to mutate and grow around the ship. However, the walls suddenly begin closing around them. Moments before the group are crushed, Elden decides to sacrifice himself by merging himself with the wall, allowing him to open a small hatch, granting them just enough time to escape the mountain.

Personality and Traits

"Hello, I'm Elden."
Elden's signature greeting

Elden was a helpful individual and trustful of people to a fault, as he allowed his friend Francis to use him as a test subject for accelerant, causing a tragic chain of events. After becoming infected and mutating, Elden became more aggressive and violent, going on a rampage and allowing Xenomorphs to kill off survivors. After Francis' death, he later calms down and begins to become helpful once again and aids Angela and the rest of her crew.

Elden generally experiences periods of intense blood-lust which can quickly turn into an inquisitive introspection on the nature of life, death, emotions, meaning, violence and other such topics.

Behind the Scenes

Concept art of Eldena from Prometheus: The Complete Fire and Stone.

Originally, the character of Elden was conceived as a female synthetic known as 'Eldena'. After she was mutated by the black liquid, Eldena would have become pregnant with synthetic Facehuggers, later giving birth to the creatures. When one of these robotic Facehuggers impregnated a host, they would have birthed metallic, more machine-like Xenomorphs.




Concept art

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