"Come and get it! El Scorpio is READY!"
El Scorpio (from Predator 2)

El Scorpio (real name unknown) was a member of the Colombian Scorpions drug cartel in Los Angeles in 1997.

He was killed by Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan following a lengthy and brutal shootout with the Los Angeles Police Department.


Shootout and ambush

El Scorpio and his men were responsible for shooting two LAPD motorcycle cops who stumbled upon a drug deal they were making, leading to a brutal shootout out on the city streets. When detective Mike Harrigan arrived and engaged the Colombians, El Scorpio and his remaining men retreated inside their stronghold to prepare for the LAPD's assault, only to be ambushed by the City Hunter. El Scorpio was the only one to survive the encounter, subsequently fleeing to the roof in a blind panic with Harrigan in pursuit. Harrigan subsequently shot El Scorpio, who was saved by his bulletproof vest — only to fall over the edge of the building and plummet to his death.


El Scorpio was equipped with a pair of nickel-plated Micro Uzi submachine guns during the firefight with the LAPD. He also used a two-tone DefTech 1315 37mm Launcher to demolish a police car during the shootout.


  • El Scorpio actor Henry Kingi also played an unnamed guerrilla in Predator, although he was not credited for this role.
  • The distinctive nickel-plated Micro Uzis used by El Scorpio in the opening shootout appeared in several action movies of the 80s and 90s, including The Running Man and Total Recall, both of which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.



  1. El Scorpio's actor's (Henry Kingi) listed himself as being 6ft 4 (193 cm) on his resume, so that is also how tall El Scorpio would have been.
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