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Ripley facing the egg-shaped alien

This Xenomorph is a boss encountered in the 1990 Aliens video game.


Like many others Aliens presented in the game, this boss has a weird and unique appearance. It has a typical Alien head, but with four small spiders limbs and notably, a large appendage of an egg-shape on its back where smaller balls containing facehugger surges that float around it like a shield. It is dark green in color, but when it receives enough damage (like many bosses in the game) its color will become orange.


First, this boss can pounce on the player if they get close enough. It also emits small balls to protect itself. The balls will float aimlessly which allows the player to attack more easily, but if the player is to destroy a ball the Alien will produce more. In this fight the Alien will charge quickly at the the player, causing a lot of damage.

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