"Back home I'm a murderer. I'm a freak. But here, among the monsters... I'm normal. I like it here. I want to stay."
Edwin (from Predators)

Edwin was a doctor and serial killer who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010. Together with the others dropped on the planet at that time, he attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

Edwin died when he was paralyzed by Royce with a plant toxin and left as a booby-trap, rigged with explosives, for the Super Predators to find.


Being hunted

"They're all heavy-hitters; he doesn't belong."
Royce, regarding Edwin's apparent outside nature (from Predators)
On the planet he is often in a panic and seems helpless often having to be saved by one of the others in the group, usually either Nikolai or Isabelle. His knowledge of poisonous plants saves Nikolai who, after that, looks after Edwin. After the group finds the Super Predator camp and gets attacked they try to set up a trap for the Predators. Royce decides to use Edwin as bait to lure the Predators out. Running through the jungle, Edwin is chased by a River Ghost, Isabelle fires at it and it falls, as the group moves around the dead alien Royce comments about Isabelle's good shot, but Isabelle points to a nearby tree trunk pointing out a bullet hole saying she missed. Moments later they hear whispering and Royce is held at gunpoint by an invisible figure, when asked "What, the fuck, are you?" the figure takes off his helmet and is revealed to be a human surviving on the planet for years named Noland. At Noland's hideout he answers the groups questions about the Predator's ship and the current situation. Later after Noland presumably goes to sleep Nikolai shows Edwin a picture of his kids, and Edwin keeps it, while Stans disturbingly shows off a tattoo of a naked woman on his stomach, to which Edwin asks "What, is that your girlfriend?", and Stans replies "No, that's my sister.".

Noland explains how the planet and the Yautja work, and in the conversation tells them the Predators have a ship, which Royce decides to try and steal. Later Noland tries to kill the group via smoke asphyxiation to take their belongings, and Royce purposefully alerts the Predators to their location to try and escape. While escaping Edwin gets separated from the group. Using flares to try and find his way out Edwin eventually finds the others, but can't reach them due to the fact that they are between a wall separating the two hallways. He begs the others to not leave him, but they all apparently leave regardless. Now alone Edwin uses another flare and throws it down the passage and hits the Tracker Predator. Just before the Predator can kill him, Nikolai returns shooting the Predator several times and leading Edwin back to the group. While escaping, Nikolai is shot by the Predators Plasmacaster, and Edwin hesitates on what to do, but soon leaves Nikolai to the Tracker. Nikolai, knowing that he's done for detonates several of his M18A1 Claymore mines, killing himself and the Predator, resulting in a massive explosion which fills the tunnel as the group is still escaping.


Shortly afterward Berserker shoots Stans in the back with his Plasmacaster; however Stans survives and attacks with his shiv while the others escape. The rest of the group continue towards the Predator camp until Hanzo decides to stop running and face Falconer in an honorable one-on-one battle. In the ensuing fight Hanzo and the Predator kill each other, leaving only Edwin, Royce, and Isabelle. While they're running back to the camp, Edwin accidentally steps into a maiming trap that cripples him. Thinking it was a kill trap, he thinks he is lucky for not being dead, but Royce tells him otherwise. He begs for them, just as Royce openly predicts he would do, to not leave him claiming he has a family and kids (using the picture of Nikolai's children he took from him before he died to try and convince them), Royce however wants to booby-trap him and leave him. Isabelle refuses Royce's proposition to leave him because she regrets abandoning her spotter to die before she was abducted, and Royce goes on without them to steal the Super Predator's ship.

"One of them"

"Help me. I'm one of you."
Edwin's last words (from Predators)
As Edwin and Isabelle make their way through the jungle, they are caught in a net and taken to a pit by Mr. Black. Believing they are now trapped on the planet for good, Edwin shows why he was chosen by the Predators: he is actually a sociopathic killer, using the toxin he found on within the plant he saved Nikolai from on the planet to paralyze Isabelle. He explains that it won't kill her but leave her alive long enough to feel everything, apparently planning to kill her slowly. He states that on Earth he was a freak, but on the alien planet, with the monsters, he was normal and he wanted to stay (most likely to find a place fit for his demented state and to hunt humans on the planet to extract vengeance against humanity for labeling him as a serial killer back on Earth which ruined his Earth-based life and medical career).

However Royce comes back just before he can start, putting back on his innocent facade, Edwin acts like he doesn't know why Isabelle can't move. However he plans on killing Royce as well. Royce, who was always suspicious of Edwin, lets Edwin make the first move and so Edwin tries to stab Royce with his scalpel. But Royce turns, disarms Edwin's scalpel and sticks it into Edwin's chin, paralyzing him with the very same neurotoxin he used to paralyze Isabelle. While Royce is dragging him along the ground, he begs Royce to not kill him, to which Royce responds he won't. Very soon afterward, Berserker finds Edwin bleeding heavily on the ground. He cruelly uses his Wristblade to stab into Edwin's ribs to see if he's still alive, causing Edwin to begin to beg the Super Predator for mercy, telling it that he is one of them. The Yautja flips him over, only to discover that Royce had strapped grenades to Edwin and they were rigged to pull out when Berserker flipped him over, detonating and killing Edwin and blasting Berserker.

Personality and Traits

"I guess now you realize why they chose me. I was right in front of you guys the whole time. Just watching you. Earning your trust. You couldn't see me for what I really am."
Edwin to Isabelle, revealing his true colors (From Predators)
At first Edwin seems to be on the planet by mistake: whereas every other person was either a hardened killer or soldier, Edwin is a doctor who seems to be meek and easily panicked, as one would expect from a civilian who has not become battle-hardened. He constantly seems to have to be saved by one of the others, usually Nikolai or Isabelle. However this personality is a facade; he is actually a cold-blooded serial killer who tortures his victims to death. He lacks any real weapons and only carries a medical kit, his preferred weapon is his scalpel, but his knowledge of poisonous plants allows him to immobilize his victims. At times he seems to be a coward or at least immoral, begging others to help him but not helping those who risk their lives to save him. While it would appear this is simply a lack of care for life, he begs Royce to not kill him when Royce finds him out, perhaps indicating some sort of flawed superiority complex.


Edwin normally carries a medical kit that contains a scalpel which he later coats in the toxin of a plant that Nikolai found and also carries a lot of blue flamed colored flares for the dark.




  1. Edwin's actor's (Topher Grace) height is 5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm), so that is also how tall Edwin would have been.
  2. Michael Finch, Alex Litvak (writers), Nimród Antal (director). Predators (2010), 20th Century Fox [DVD].
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