Sheriff Eddie Morales was a member of the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office and the town sheriff in Gunnison, Colorado. In 2004, he became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Morales was killed, along with many other survivors, when Colonel Stevens elected to destroy Gunnison with a tactical nuclear strike rather than risk the infestation spreading.


Normal life

As a town sheriff, Morales is controversial because, for a while in his past, he was a troublemaker. He also had a good relationship with Dallas Howard, whom he greeted when he returned to Gunnison after serving prison time, but also showed a small grudge towards him at some times. He also informed him that his brother Ricky had problems that could not be ignored. Later he was responsible for the fruitless searching of Buddy and Sam Benson not knowing they had been killed by Xenomorphs. He later found Deputy Ray Adams, who also participated in the search, skinned alive, not knowing he was killed by Wolf.

The Xenomorph invasion

He was with Dallas when the Xenomorphs later started to spread throughout the town, and met up with Dallas' brother Ricky and his friends after they asked for help. He also decided to evacuate the town and call The National Guard for help. Realising the unknown mortal danger they were all in, he agreed with Dallas' intentions to arm themselves with lethal weapons while other survivors joined them. During this event he found out through radio transmissions how the National Guard was slaughtered by the Xenomorphs, an event they all were able to see later for themselves.

Later Morales joined another group of survivors waiting for a rescue, and tried to persuade the others to join them at the airlift point in the centre of the town, when he received orders from the army to go there for the evacuation. All but one, however, disagreed with his intentions and decided to leave the town right away.


After that they both went with the others to the airlift point and waited there for the rescue while being there attacked by the Xenomorphs. Morales died there when the nuclear device was later dropped on the town, along with the other survivors, Wolf, any remaining Xenomorphs and the Predalien.


Sheriff Morales carried a 2nd Generation Glock 17 as his law enforcement sidearm. In his Chevy Suburban, Morales kept a Remington 870 with extended magazine tube, heat shield, and SureFire forend as his patrol shotgun, which he used against Xenomorphs later in the infestation.




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