"Welcome to base camp, Rookie. Hear you had yourself quite a party back there. Glad you made it."
―Unidentified Marine from Echo Team to Rookie (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Echo Team was a squad of Colonial Marines deployed to BG-386 from the USS Marlow, dispatched in response to a Xenomorph outbreak at the Freya's Prospect colony and the nearby Weyland-Yutani facility.


Following a series of disastrous Xenomorph assaults on the Marines in the Freya's Prospect colony, Echo Team established a fortified position in C-Block where they intended to hold out and regroup with other survivors. The squad's leader, Connor, also led a small team into the nearby nightclub Club Eden.

Connor's team were attacked, and while some of the Marines, including Private Gibson, managed to retreat, Connor and several others were killed. Gibson subsequently attempted to return to Club Eden when Rookie also came under assault there, but was dragged away by a Xenomorph whilst trapped inside an elevator.

C-Block battle[]

"Multiple contacts! Sentry's running hot! They're at the pressure door!"
―A Marine from Echo Team (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Members of Echo Team inside C-Block, one of whom is wounded.

After escaping from Club Eden, Rookie rendezvoused with the remaining Marines of Echo Team in C-Block, which they had fortified with barricades and sentry guns. Almost immediately the position came under attack by Xenomorphs probing the perimeter for weaknesses; while the initial assault was fought off, the creatures cut power to the area before launching another, more concerted attack that claimed the lives of all but one of the Marines from Echo Team, leaving just her and Rookie to hold out together.

Reinforcements arrived in the form of Charlie Team, although the new arrivals found a barricade blocking their approach. As they attempted to climb past the obstruction, they were attacked by another huge wave of Xenomorphs; within moments, the trapped men were overwhelmed. The Xenomorphs continued to completely overrun Echo Team's position, with only Rookie escaping the slaughter, fleeing into the colony's sewers.

Known Members[]

  • Connor
  • Private Gibson
  • Jackson
  • Nolan


  • During the game's Predator campaign, Dark overhears a Marine in the refinery mentioning that Delta and Echo Teams are making an assault on the Matriarch; it is not clear if this Echo Team is the same as the one encountered by Rookie in the Marine campaign. However, it would seem it is not, as evidence in the game implies all the Marines who attack the Matriarch are killed or captured in the attempt.
  • An "Echo Team" is also mentioned in Aliens: Infestation.