Easley was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps in 2192. He was part of a platoon sent to the Xenomorphs' home planet. He was assaulted and stabbed on sentry duty aboard The Benedict. He awoke in a spacesuit with a live grenade. He died in the ensuing explosion. He was good friends with fellow Marine Mitch Bueller.

Mission Training

T.J. Easley was a member of Fox Platoon, Squad One which was a special taskforce being trained to acquire a xenomorph specimen for the Terran Government. During a training session with fellow Marine and friend Mitch Bueller in a simulated firefight with their Sergent; David Wilks. During the training exercise Easley and Bueler had to disable an automatic turrent that was set up with Easley going in to disable it and Bueller acting as the decoy. although the two managed to disable the turrent, Easley was taken down by Wilks with being shot in the faceplate of his helmet. Bueller, who let his guard down and was shot in the chest. Wilks then told the squads to suit up and practice live firing at the shooting range. The other members of the squads were not happy about it and didn't hesitate to let Easley and Bueller know it.

Patrolling The Benedict & Death

After The Benedict left Earth and the crew awoke from hypersleep, Colonel Stephens confronted Sergent Wilks over the plus one on the roster. Wilks remarked that he dumped some of the "raspberry flavored shit" which prompted Bueller to whisper to Easley that he liked the "raspberry flavored shit." Easley whispered back to Bueller to can it so they don't get in trouble. Later on, most of Squad One was playing cards in the mess hall and Blake asked Easley to join, he declined stating that it was his turn to be on duty and he'd take the squad up on that another time.

As he made his rounds, he started hearing sounds like someone whispering while on patrol near the hull. He then noticed a figure and couldn't make out who it was and called out to them. The figure then attacked Easley and stabbed him in the throat at which point Easley recognized who attacked him but couldn't say his name. Easley later awoke in a spacesuit going EVA with The Benedict pulling away. He tried to call out for help but couldn't due to his throat wound. Then he noticed a small cylinder floating past him with the numbers counting down, he realized it was a grenade and managed to scream before he was blown up.

Behind the scenes

Easley's character was changed from the comic to novel adaptations. Other than the training exercise with Bueller, Easley's character actions were similar to that of Ramirez's. Instead of Easley being stabbed and spaced with a live grenade, another Marine named Benson suffered that fate.



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