"A creature that 'gestates inside a living human host' — these are your words — 'and has concentrated acid for blood'."
―The ECA representative (from Aliens)

An unnamed ECA representative appeared on behalf of the Extrasolar Colonization Administration at the Interstellar Commerce Commission tribunal held in 2179 that reviewed the destruction of the USCSS Nostromo 57 years previously. The ECA rep came to be one of the biggest skeptics regarding Ellen Ripley's story.


During the tribunal aboard Gateway Station, the ECA representative was one of the more vocal skeptics of Ripley's story. She questioned how Ripley could have found an alien creature on a moon with no indigenous life, despite Ripley asserting several times that the Alien her crew had encountered on LV-426 had come from a derelict spacecraft and was not indigenous. This ECA representative also debated the outlandish description they had been given of an organism that used living human hosts as incubators for gestation and possessed highly acidic blood. Despite Ripley's attempts to confirm her assertions, the rep remained unconvinced.



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