The Dutton was a Coast Guard vessel active in the early 2190's that was tasked to clean up large bits of space debris and demolish them before it could re-enter Earth's atmosphere. In 2192 it was crewed by Commander Barton and Ensign Lyle on its final run before the crew was killed and The Dutton was lost in the ensuing explosion from some demo charges it had previously set. The Blue Box recording survived the ship's destruction and was viewed by Dr. Orona who set up an expedition to aquire a specimen like the creature found aboard the Dutton.


  • The Dutton shares its name with actor Charles S. Dutton, who played the starring role of Leonard Dillon in Alien3; ironically, this was the film that upset the continuity of the early Aliens comics (including Aliens: Outbreak, the comic series in which the Dutton appears) and led to them being altered so that they would fit with the continuity of the film series.


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