Duncan Rouleau is an American comic book, TV and film artist who worked on the comic Predator: Bump in the Night for Dark Horse Comics. He is also one of the creators, with his co-founded Man of Action Studios, of the popular children's animated series Ben 10 for Cartoon Network.


Rouleau attended college at the Univesrity of Illinois and then traveled to Hollywood to wok in the entertainment industry.

Rouleau then spent time working in various aspects of film production behind and in front of the camera as a grip, in the art department, as an electrician, a storyboard artist, an animator, a writer and as an actor.

While working on creature design for a small independent company he stumbled into the comic book world as an artist, drawing the likes of Wolverine and Superman.

Since that time Rouleau has illustrated a variety of popular American comic books for major companies such as Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and others.

In 2006, Rouleau released his first original graphic novel, The Nightmarist, published by Active Images.

Recently, Rouleau popularly illustrated and co-wrote the 8-issue miniseries of The Metal Men in 2007 and provided art for a number of issues of the Blue Beetle series, both for DC Comics.

Rouleau is now perhaps best known as part of his Man of Action Studios, which he co-founded along with Predator: Bump in the Night writer Steven Seagle and fellow comics writers Joe Casey and Joe Kelly, and which created the animated Cartoon Network series Ben 10 responsible for both Cartoon Network's highest-rated single program and highest rated series premiere. The studio's follow-up series, Generator Rex is now also doing well on the network. Upcoming projects include animated versions of The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man.



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