Duncan Fegredo (born 1964) is an English comic book cover painter and interior artist who has provided art for several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator lines. He also provided cover art for Aliens magazine for Dark Horse International.

Active in the American comic book industry for years, Fregredo gained particular popularity as a painted cover artist for Dark Horse's Star Wars comics line in the 1990s. His style often employs pop-art influences and painterly realism to create action-packed images. More recently, Fregredo became the regular artist on Dark Horse's flagship series, Helloby — created by fellow Aliens and AVP comics alumn writer/artist Mike Mignola.


Fregredo was born in Leicester in 1964. He first managed to get into comics after showing his portfolio around UKCAC in 1987 and meeting Dave Thorpe. Together they worked on a strip for a short lived British magazine called Heartbreak Hotel. After this, Fegredo worked for Crisis for Fleetway before working on Kid Eternity at DC Comics with writer Grant Morrison. He then worked with writer Peter Milligan on Enigma, an eight-issue miniseries for DC's Vertigo imprint. At 2000 AD he worked on Judge Dredd and a couple of other titles.

Other notable work includes the comic-book versions of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob characters for Oni Press, Shade the Changing Man for DC/Vertigo, Ultimate Adventures for Marvel and Aliens magazine for Dark Horse International.

Fegredo's first Hellboy mini-series, Hellboy: Darkness Calls, was the first 6-issue Hellboy mini-series that did not feature Hellboy creator Mike Mignola on art. (Mignola plotted the book.) In the sixth and final issue of the series, editor Scott Allie (who is also second-in-charge editor of the Aliens/Predator/Aliens vs. Predator lines) announced that Fegredo was already working on the art for the next arc, entitled Hellboy: The Wild Hunt.


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