"Hey, it's a boot!"
Duke (from Aliens versus Predator 2)

Duke Morrison, known simply as Duke, was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps in the 2230s.


Duke appears to be of Latino descent. He was stationed aboard the USS Verloc, dispatched to LV-1201 to investigate the Weyland-Yutani facilities there following a Xenomorph outbreak in fall 2230. Along with Corporal Andrew Harrison, Major Thomas McCain and Jones, Duke was among the few Marines to survive.

Personality & Traits[]

Both sarcastic and relatively cowardly, he is considered an annoyance by the other Marines (easily comparable to Hudson from Aliens). He often joked with Harrison or mocked him (He told Harrison in Collateral Damage: "Yeah, I'll tell your mother you died like a man.") .


  • He was originally going to be the player character in AVP2, but this was scrapped due to unclear reasons.
  • John Armstrong, who voices Morrison, also voices Blackwell and Dimitri in the game.
  • Duke Morrison was an alias of the actor John Wayne, and the character in the game is likely an homage.
  • Duke is the only non-generic marine who wears armor with gray shoulderpads. All other unique marines wear armor with red shoulderpads.