"They look like dog-people, only... big."
Lachance, regarding dead Drukathi (from Alien: Out of the Shadows)

The Drukathi[1] were an ancient race of aliens that used to inhabit the Milky Way galaxy. They possessed immensely powerful and advanced technologies, to the point where even the Yautja feared them,[2] despite the fact the Drukathi had "moved on" and no longer inhabited the galaxy. Notably, the Drukathi had a close relationship with the species Xenomorph XX121, apparently breeding and otherwise utilizing the creatures for their own ends.

Appearance and Characteristics

The Drukathi were six-limbed creatures with four stout legs and two thinner arms. They possessed distinct canid features, particularly with reagrds to the shape of the cranium. Karen Sneddon theorized that the adult creatures were at least twelve feet in length.


The technology that comprised the Drukathi spacecraft on LV-178 was rather odd; instead of being mostly technological in composition, the vessel's structure seemed more organic in appearance. It was implied by observations made by Karen Sneddon that the ship was grown biologically rather than built through mechanical means. This implies that the Drukathi were quite adept in biotechnology.


Virtually nothing is known about the nature and history of the Drukathi other than that they were quite advanced and had been a spacefaring civilization an untold number of millennia prior to humanity's ascension to the stars. The Yautja claimed that the Drukathi had vacated the Milky Way long ago, having migrated to another galaxy. The Yautja also seemed to have a contemptful view towards the ancient beings, fearing them and regarding them as malevolent. At some point, the Drukathi came upon Xenomorph XX121 and took an interest in the species, actively breeding them.

In 2159, the Drukathi were first discovered inside one of their ships on LV-178 by the crew of the DSMO Marion. The ship showed signs of being shot down during an attempted take-off, and crash landed on LV-178 just outside of a large city, also of Drukathi origin. The derelict ship apparantly acted as a breeding facility to nurse Xenomorphs, as it contained a large number of Ovomorphs that the dog-aliens had been harvesting. It was theorized by the Marion's crew that the Drukathi vessel ended up being overrun, and to prevent the Xenomorphs from spreading offworld, they shot the ship down. At some point, an enormous wall-like structure was constructed between the settlement and the crashed starship, presumably to keep the Xenomorphs that survived the crash out of the city. This ended up failing, and a large number of Xenomorphs overran the the city. This presumably led to the Drukathi population on LV-178 being eradicated. These abandoned ruins indicated the race to be thousands if not millions of years older than that of the human race.

Hundreds of years later, the Drukathi ruins on LV-178 were rediscovered by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation after Alan Decker, a low-level empath, detected the Xenomorphs living within. Both the ship and the city were explored in greater depth by the company response team sent in to research it. Predictably, the Xenomorphs ended up overwhelming the humans and the ruins were once again vacated. A long time after, the Founders came upon an artificial planet-like construct of Drukathi origins housing large amounts of advanced biotechnology as well as preserved Xenomorph specimens. The Founders used these discoveries to bolster their own technology in preparation for an invasion against the Human Sphere. The invasion nearly resulted in the complete annihilation of the human civilization; the Yautja believed that the entire catastrophe was secretly manipulated by the Drukathi themselves as part of a plot to prevent humanity from becoming too advanced.

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